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Marvel Zombies will get its own What If ... ? spinoff show

Marvel Zombies is the Frasier to What If ... ?’s Cheers

Tony Stark as a zombie in What If ... ? Image: Disney via YouTube

One of Marvel’s best What If ... ? episodes is about to get its own spinoff show, Marvel Zombies, Disney revealed as part of Disney Plus Day. In addition to a host of other animated shows coming to the streaming service — including What If ... ? season 2 — Marvel Zombies will gets its own run of episodes. The new series will be directed by What If ... ? director Bryan Andrews

Marvel Zombies will follow a “new generation of heroes” through the zombie apocalypse. It’s currently unclear if the series will pick up where the What If ... ? zombie episodes left off. But with the emphasis on “new generation” and the disparate state What If ... ? leaves its zombie storyline in, it seems fairly likely that this will be a new universe.

What If ... ?’s episodes were originally inspired by the Marvel Zombies comics runs over the years. These alternate-universe comics were co-created by Robert Kirkman, who wrote The Walking Dead.

Outside of its existence, we know very little about the new series. But for fans of both the comics and the What If ... ? episode, Marvel Zombies should serve as a nice surprise on Disney Plus Day.

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