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Tim Allen is gonna be Santa Claus again

A new Disney Plus series revisits Scott Calvin on his 65th birthday

tim allen in a santa suit Image: Walt Disney Pictures

Tim Allen returns to the role of Scott Calvin — aka Santa Claus of The Santa Clause universe — for a new limited series for Disney Plus. Allen will also executive-produce the series.

The first Santa Clause movie came out in 1994, and followed divorced dad Scott, who accidentally became Santa after the original gift-giver fell off his roof. After he puts on Santa’s red coat, he learns that there is a built-in contractual clause for the occupational risk of falling off roofs. A ... Santa Clause, if you will.

Two more Santa Clause movies dived into other nitty-gritty legal clauses of being Santa. In the second film, Scott needed to find a wife to fulfill the Mrs. Clause, while in the third movie, Jack Frost (Martin Short) manages to trick Scott into triggering the “Escape Clause” and then goes back in time to become Santa himself. Yeah, they get a little weird.

The new series will revisit Scott on his 65th birthday, when he realizes he can’t be Santa forever. He wants to spend more time with his family, especially his two kids raised in the North Pole, so he sets off to find a suitable Santa replacement.

Production on this new series will begin in March. Word is out on whether other cast members will reprise their roles. Here’s holding out for David Krumholtz to come back as Bernard the Elf.

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