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Enchanted changed how Disney makes movies — and that doomed Disenchanted

Dreamlight Valley’s Switch performance is a priority as Toy Story update goes live

Every new movie and show coming to Disney Plus in December

Disney’s prodigal animated son, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, stars in a brand-new short

Willow is a triumph in Disney Plus’ lineup of obligatory revivals

Strange World’s disastrous debut and the Treasure Planet curse

Disney’s Willow puts a queer romance front and center — and it was ‘just organic,’ says creator

Strange World’s directors explain the Disney movie’s unexpected ending and allegorical twist

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s big Toy Story update arrives in December

Brandy reprising her iconic Cinderella role for Disney’s Descendants movies

Disney’s wild fantasy Strange World dreams big, with one big exception

Can Disney’s shock CEO switch get Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar back on track?

Enchanted was a Disney game-changer, but the sequel loses the magic

Pixar’s Elemental teaser raises 1 million questions about a world filled with fire and water people

The best movies to watch on Disney Plus right now

You have a month to get Disney Plus before a big price hike

Disney’s best Halloween movies if you don’t want to be too scared

New seasons of Doctor Who to stream on Disney Plus in 2023

The Owl House has TV’s best parents

How to find ‘rich soil’ in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The new Owl House episode is available on YouTube

The Lion King’s Scar will bring ‘chaos’ to Disney Dreamlight Valley

Every Marvel movie release set for 2022 and beyond

Dear Disney Dreamlight Valley characters: Stop going to bed so damn early

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer hints at the hero’s new identity

What we learned at Marvel’s secret screening of Werewolf By Night

James Earl Jones stepping back from his role as Darth Vader’s voice

The BBY calendar is tripping up Andor viewers, so let’s get it all straightened out

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The best order to watch all of Star Wars, based on your needs

Once upon a time, you could buy Snow White-themed bleach and ammonia

I want to keep playing Disney Dreamlight Valley, despite the major hurdles

Star Wars’ Rogue Squadron movie removed from Disney’s future plans

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