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The Division 2: Where to get more SHD Tech farming guide

More SHD, more perks

A screenshot of a map in The Division 2
The first safehouse you come across, The Final Epiphany
Massive Entertainment/Ubisoft via Polygon

In The Division 2, players need to find SHD Tech to add more perks to their characters and to unlock skill variations. SHD Tech is a finite resource that unlocks access to the best perks in The Division 2. (You can unlock perks and skill variations at The White House through the Quartermaster, who you meet early on in the game.)

SHD Tech resources come from the Strategic Homeland Division, and you can earn them in several ways:

  • Leveling up
  • Completing story missions
  • Discovering SHD Tech in the game’s open world
  • Finishing SHD-specific side missions

But which is the best way to farm SHD Tech? This guide will break down each source.

As you complete story quests, side missions, and more, you’ll naturally gain XP and level up. Leveling up rewards you one SHD Tech. It’s the slowest way to earn the valuable resource.

At the end of each story mission, you’ll gain loads of XP and resources like skill unlock points. Not only that, but beating a story mission can grant up to 10 SHD Tech. Of course, there’s a limited number of main story missions, so don’t rely on these quests to get SHD Tech.

SHD Tech Caches

A screenshot of a map in The Division 2 Massive Entertainment/Ubisoft via Polygon

After you run across your first safe house, you’ll see the location of SHD Tech hidden in the surrounding district. There will be several caches littered across that zone on your map, usually hidden down alleyways and other side streets.

As long as you tag SHD Tech Cache on your map, a GPS tracker will lead you directly to it. Sometimes SHD Tech crates are out in the open. Others are close to a band of roving enemies.

An agent shoots a big yellow lock in The Division 2
Just shoot the big yellow lock to get your SHD tech
Massive Entertainment/Ubisoft via Polygon

Still others are hidden behind a locked fence. To get the SHD Tech hidden behind a fence, shoot the big yellow lock, and you’ll be set.

The best way to get SHD Tech

However, the best way to farm for SHD Tech is completing SHD Tech-specific side missions. (They’re labeled “SHD Side Mission” on your map, just like in the upper left of the image below.)

These missions offer up a good handful of tech, and you’ll often find several as you unlock districts. SHD Side Missions are also a great opportunity to defeat enemies and level up, so doing multiple side missions can score you a chunk of SHD Tech at once.

An SHD Side Mission on the map in The Division 2
Short missions like this can offer up to five SHD tech
Massive Entertainment/Ubisoft via Polygon

When you highlight an SHD Side Mission (like we did in the image above), it will show you the difficulty level, how much SHD Tech you can earn, other bonuses, and the amount of XP you’ll gain. Each district has several side missions, and completing them is one of the quickest ways to farm SHD Tech while getting other perks at the same time.

Using all these strategies together, you’ll end up with a lot of SHD Tech within the opening hours of the game. Deciding which perks can be difficult, so we also have a guide on the best perks in The Division 2.

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