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The Division 2 guide: Settlements

Missions, Projects, and everything you need to know

The Division 2 settlement Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment

The Division 2’s world is always changing, especially early on when you’re just starting to unlock different parts of the map and upgrade your bases in those areas. The most prominent of these bases are the settlements.

The game features several settlements, beginning with the Theater, the Castle, and the Campus. You can upgrade each of these in various ways, but it’s not always clear how you’re supposed to do that. To help you in your quest to liberate Washington, D.C., here’s everything you need to know about settlements in The Division 2.

Settlements are like little bases scattered around the world

Settlements are small, heavily defended bastions of civilization where people can make new lives for themselves in The Division 2.

Provide supplies and complete associated missions, and settlement members will sell you items and send people with special skills back to the White House. Recruiting people from settlements unlocks White House upgrades like crafting and the shooting range, as well as the entire Dark Zone.

Settlements also have other helpful benefits like giving you a fast travel point and a safe place to access your gear stash — though you’ll still need to head back to the White House to upgrade your character. To unlock these helpful additions, you’ll need to upgrade the settlements.

Upgrade settlements with missions

To upgrade The Division 2’s settlements, complete missions. Side missions usually connect most with the settlements, requiring you to help out some of the survivors there. Story missions and random activities in the area will also give you progress toward settlement upgrades.

Complete Projects to get new gear

The Projects table in the Theater settlement
The Projects table in the Theater settlement
Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment via Polygon

Projects are another way to gain rewards from settlements. Each settlement has a table where you can view its available Projects.

Each Project requires you to donate a certain number of resources (like steel or polycarbonate) or specific item types (like chest armor for gloves). Once you fulfill the requirements, the settlement will offer you a reward, which usually comes in the form of a blueprint for crafting a reusable weapon or mod. Rather than selling or dismantling your old or unwanted gear, donate it at a settlement in return for a useful reward.

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