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The Division 2 guide: Agent in need of backup

Responding to and calling for backup

The Division 2 incoming backup request guide Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment

If you’ve played The Division 2 for more than a few minutes while connected to the internet, you’ve heard ISAC’s disembodied voice say “Agent in need of backup.” It’s pretty easy to figure out what that means. It’s more difficult to figure out what you can do about it. In this guide, we’ll demystify the call for help feature.

How to respond to a backup request

The Division 2 agent in need of backup SHD menu map Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment

When you hear “Agent in need of backup,” another player wants your help. At that point, you can join their game. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Pull up your map, and navigate to the SHD menu. (You’ll see SHD in the upper left of your screen.) You can check for other players in need of assistance at any time from the SHD menu.
  2. Check the map for exclamation point icons. (You can see one in the screenshot above.) Those are other players.
  3. Move your cursor over one of the icons, and you’ll see the option to Answer the Call in the lower left corner of your screen. In the upper left of your screen, you’ll see information like the player’s name, their current activity, and their location.
  4. Press the button (on consoles, hold up on the D-pad) to answer the call, and you’ll see text that says Responding to call for backup. That begins matchmaking.
  5. A few seconds later, you’ll warp to the other player’s game.

If you join another player’s game and take over a control point without anyone being downed, you’ll receive the Group Therapy Achievement/Trophy.

How to call for backup

The Division 2 Call for backup menu Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment

From the SHD tab in the map menu, you can call for backup. You can also call from the All tab in the map menu. Either way, the button prompt is down at the left corner of your screen.

You can also call for backup when you die out in the world. If another players joins you in time, they can revive you and save you from a respawn.

How to stop Agent in need of backup calls

The Division 2 disable on call menu Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment

If you’re not interested in hopping into other games (or you find ISAC’s constant badgering annoying), you can stop getting notified about Agent requests.

From the SHD tab in the map menu, there’s an option to Disable On Call at the bottom left of your screen. Hold the button down while you’re in that menu, and you’ll stop receiving backup requests.

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