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The Division 2 guide: How to call for backup

Or how to be the backup, if that’s more your style

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Every missions and activity in The Division 2 is playable in a group, but sometimes you don’t have a group around that you can invite. In those cases, The Division 2 has a helpful feature: Call for Backup. That will match you with other players. Here’s how it works.

How to call for backup

At any time in The Division 2, you can call for backup using the Call for Backup option under the Social menu. Once you’ve called for backup, a notification will go out to all nearby agents, and they’ll have the option to join your game. Once another player arrives, they’ll be able to help you complete whatever activity you’re trying to finish.

How to backup other agents

The Division 2 has two options to help other random agents. While exploring the game’s open world, you’ll periodically receive a radio transmission letting you know that a nearby agent needs help, along with a button prompt to answer the call. If you answer, you’ll have an option of several available agents to help.

The other way to help out your fellow agents is to open the map and go to the furthest right tab — called Matchmake — and select Answer the Call. This will put you in a matchmaking queue that will connect you to the first agent that needs help.

What’s the reward for helping someone?

Other than the satisfaction of helping another agent, The Division 2 also scales the content that you’re completing so that it rewards you properly. If you redo a mission you’ve already completed, you’ll still get rewards as if the mission had been at your level and you were finishing it for the first time. The same goes for players that enter your game to help you out.

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