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Division 2 guide: How to get the best loot

The best places and activities to find the best loot

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The Division 2 showers you in gear from its first mission to its last, but it’s still easy to fall behind on high-quality loot or get stuck with a weapon meant for lower levels. There’s no guarantee that anything you pick will be good, so you need to grab as much as you can to average it out.

There are a few places you can search for loot when you need an extra bump. The Division 2’s loot is hiding everywhere in its open world. We’ll teach you how to find it.

Unlock the doors

Throughout the world of The Division 2, there are plenty of locked doors to open, and many of them are hiding powerful loot. Most of the time these doors are locked in one of two ways: with a big yellow lock or a big yellow power box.

Shoot locks to destroy them and open the door. If there’s a power box, you should see a big red light on the door, along with a wire that leads to the box you need to shoot. Either way, once the lock is broken, you can enter the room to get whatever loot was waiting inside.

Complete a Control Point, unlock a Supply Room

You can find Control Points scattered around The Division 2’s map. They all work the same way: assault an area, call your allies, defend the area. When you’re done defending, a nearby Supply Room will open up as a reward.

Supply Rooms usually have five or more boxes to loot, with each box giving you a chance at a decent piece of gear. This is an efficient way to get experience, and bump up your loot for an upcoming mission.

Completing Control Points will also unlock a nearby Control Point Officer. Some Projects — which give out great experience — require you to donate supplies to the Control Point Officers. These are very efficient side quests, and you can use them to complete multiple objectives.

Hold onto your higher level items to get better loot

The key to improving your gear is making sure your loot is always at the highest level possible.

According to a tweet from Senior Game Designer Nikki Kuppens, The Division 2 drops gear based on the highest level items you have on you or in your stash. Even if you aren’t using a particular weapon or piece of gear that’s at a high level, it’s worth keeping it around, if only for the upgrades it might help you get.

SHD caches usually come with loot boxes

Whenever you enter a Safe House for the first time, you can download the area map. This marks the district’s SHD Tech caches for you. By the end of the campaign, you’ll be swimming in SHD Tech from missions and other means.

You can beat the game without ever going out of your way to pick one of these up, but most SHD Tech locations have gun boxes next to them. If you’re running low on powerful gear pieces, go after the SHD Tech caches to bump up your arsenal.

However, this strategy only works once per cache, and it’s also helpful in the endgame. Grab them sparingly, and save what you can for later.

Share loot with friends

The Division 2 is best with friends. It’s more fun (in our opinion) but also more lucrative. When you pick up a piece of loot in a group, you’ll see a timer ticking down on it. Under the timer is a list of people who can also use that piece.

As long as the timer hasn’t reached zero, you can drop a piece of gear for a friend nearby. This can be a great help for your entire party. If you get a duplicate, pass it along. If you don’t like the type of gun, give it to a friend who does.

Playing with friends can earn you a lot of extra loot, and that’s still true in Division 2’s endgame.

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