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The Division 2 interactive map

An interactive map for collectibles, locations, and more

An interactive map of The Division 2 The Division 2 Map

There is a lot to do in The Division 2’s recreation of Washington, D.C. Players can spend hours looking for all of the game’s hidden locations, collectibles, and locations for key items.

While the most important points of interest (like missions and SHD tech cache locations) are clearly labeled on your map, you’ll have to explore to find most of the game’s other collectibles. Thankfully, a player-made website does all the hard work for you, revealing every location you’ll need to know about in an interactive map for The Division 2.

The aptly named The Division 2 Map lets players sort through key locations throughout the game like points of interest, collectible locations, where to find crafting components, and more.

An interactive map for The Division 2
You can sort by key items like SHD tech
The Division 2 Map

An interesting feature of the interactive map is the ability to tag locations you’ve already found. This is helpful if you plan on using this map for The Division 2 to keep track of everything you’re doing while you’re playing.

For more tips on the game, check out our guide for The Division 2.

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