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How to get faction keys in The Division 2

How to unlock Hyena, True Sons, and Outcasts loot boxes

Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment via Polygon

Throughout The Division 2, you’ll come across faction boxes that are locked and can only be opened with a faction-specific key. But where do you find those keys? This quick guide will go over the simple process to find faction keys.

To find faction keys in The Division 2, you’ll have to explore the various sewer systems that run under the city. Each district in Washington, D.C. has a few, and if you haven’t run across one yet, you can find all of them by using this handy interactive map for The Division 2.

Each of these entrances connects to another entrance several blocks away. These tunnels help you quickly travel throughout the city without having to deal with random encounters.

A soldier stands in front of a sewer entrance in The Division 2
You can find entrances can on your map, but they are usually hidden behind something out in the world
Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment via Polygon

As you make your way through each of these tunnels, you’ll find several lootable boxes, chests, bags, and more. However, you’ll find faction keys inside white key boxes.

Each tunnel has at least one key box that will offer up a faction key for one of the game’s factions, but some tunnels feature more than one. This map will show you many keys exist in each tunnel.

A soldier stares at a glowing orange box in The Division 2
Look for the telltale orange glow to spot key boxes
Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment via Polygon

Keep an eye out for the orange glow around any wall-mounted box you come across. Some are regular electrical boxes, but the boxes containing faction keys will have that familiar orange glow, letting you know it’s a lootable object.

Each of the keys you find will only work on lockboxes for specific factions, so pay attention to which faction key you find when you discover a key box.

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