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The Division 2 guide: Conflict

The game’s PVP mode can earn you plenty of loot

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Conflict is The Division 2’s player-versus-player (PvP) mode, and while it may not be as prominently featured as the Dark Zone or the campaign, it’s no less a part of the game. But since the game doesn’t take much time to tell you how it works, we’ve got all the info you need on Conflict.

What is Conflict?

Conflict is a PvP competitive mode in The Division 2. You can get to it by opening the in-game map and going to the Conflict tab on the left. Once there, you can select Quickplay to start looking for a match.

Are there multiple game modes?

Conflict has two different game modes: Domination and Skirmish. Domination is a control point-style mode where teams compete to capture territory then fight to hold it until one team reaches the score limit. Skirmish is more of a deahtmatch style mode where both teams have a set number of lives. Every time someone on a team respawns, it costs one of their team’s lives.

What do you get for playing Conflict?

Like everything in The Division 2, playing Conflict gives you gear. How much gear depends on the match and how you did. Most matches will give you somewhere between one and three gear caches for things like winning matches or getting a particularly high number of kills in a single game. Each of the caches drops gear that is slightly above your current power level, just like the loot from campaign missions and the Dark Zone.

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