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The Division 2 guide: Joining a Clan and what it does for you

The apocalypse is better with friends

Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment via Polygon
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Joining a Clan in The Division 2 offers you new Projects, perks, and a weekly a loot cache. If you have a large enough Clan, you can add a pile of extra loot and experience to your weekly haul each week. This guide will teach you how to join a Clan and tell you why it’s useful.

Joining or creating a Clan

Searching for Clans
Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment via Polygon

Before you can join or create a Clan, you’ll need to make progress in your campaign. Complete missions and Projects until your Theater reaches tier 2: Cooperation. For upgrading your Theater, Grace Larson will come to your Base of Operations. To find her, walk through the White House doors, and turn right past the Quartermaster. Keep going down the long hallway until you reach her desk.

Larson is the Clan vendor. When you first speak to her, you can choose to join a Clan, create one of your own, or view your Clan invites. If you search for a Clan, you can set parameters like how relaxed your play style is, how often you play, or if you like engaging in PvE versus PvP. When your parameters are set, hit search, and find an open Clan. Look for a populated one if you can. The Division 2’s Clan system seems to benefit from having as many people as possible contributing experience to a single group.

To create a Clan, you make similar preferences. But instead of setting search parameters for yourself, you’re creating what you want prospective members to search for. You can also set the Clan to open, invite only, or private. As Clan leader, you can change these settings at any time. You can also promote members to give them more control. Clan leaders and officers can design an insignia — essentially a Clan banner.

Clan experience and perks

The Clan perk screen
Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment via Polygon

As you and your Clan members play, you’ll earn Clan experience. You can level your Clan up, and unlock perks for members. Leveling up the Clan takes (literally) millions of experience points, but each level unlocks a new perk:

  1. Nothing, your Clan just started
  2. Clan vendor
  3. Insignia borders for the Clan insignia
  4. Clan Bounty board
  5. Tier 1 indicator on the Clan insignia
  6. Weekly cache can now store two caches each week
  7. Clan vendor upgrade, more items
  8. More insignia borders
  9. Clan Bounty board upgrade
  10. Tier 2 indicator on Clan insignia, Clan generates five percent extra experience
  11. Weekly cache can now store three caches each week
  12. Clan vendor upgrade, salvaged items
  13. More insignia borders
  14. Clan Bounty board upgrade
  15. Tier 3 indicator on Clan insignia
  16. Clan vendor upgrade, higher quality items
  17. Bandanna and headset vanity items
  18. More insignia borders
  19. Weekly cache gains 20 percent chance to give an extra item
  20. Tier 4 indicator on Clan insignia, Clan generates 10 percent extra experience
  21. Raiding with a team of all Clan members generates an additional 15 percent experience
  22. Baseball cap and headphones vanity items
  23. More insignia borders
  24. Ending Conflict matches with four Clan members generates 25 percent more experience
  25. Tier 5 indicator on Clan insignia
  26. Raid bonus raised to 30 percent
  27. Beret with headset vanity items
  28. More insignia borders
  29. Weekly cache has a 50 percent chance to give an extra item
  30. Tier 6 indicator on Clan insignia, Clan generates 15 percent extra experience

The Clan weekly cache is another perk of being a Clan member. As you and your Clan contribute experience, you’re weekly cache will start to generate. At 72 million experience, your Clan will generate a bronze tier cache with two High-End items at the end of the week. 83 million experience generates a silver tier cache with three High-End items. 205 million experience generates a gold tier cache with four High-End items.

Generating that much Clan experience can be tough without an army of members. Each week, there are seven group Projects your Clan can work toward. These have simple objectives like loot 3,500 crafting items or secure 350 Control Points. Each member’s completion of an activity adds to the counter. For every Project your Clan completes, you’ll generate 831,000 Clan experience. If you complete all seven objectives in a week, you’ll generate an additional 1 million Clan experience.

Clan quarters

The Clan quarters
Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment via Polygon

You can interact with some of the Clan features in your Clan headquarters. The Bounty board, vendor, and weekly cache box are all in this area. A digital version of your insignia and a counter on who has contributed the most Clan experience adorn the walls.

To explore your Clan quarters, walk up to Grace, and take a left. If you aren’t in a Clan, you won’t be able to enter this area.

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