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The Division 2 guide: Projects

Gain experience and gear as you go

Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment via Polygon
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Projects are great sources of gear and experience in The Division 2. They’re miniature fetch quests that ask you to complete simple tasks as you play. In exchange, you get rewards like a piece of gear and some experience.

From the very first Settlement to the end game, Projects will propel you forward when you complete them. But different Projects need you to complete different objectives.

This guide will help you understand where you get Projects, how to complete them, and where to claim your reward.

How to get Projects

Projects come from almost everywhere in The Division 2, and you’ll usually get them by progressing the story. You’ll get Projects as you level up your Settlement, from Safe Houses you discover, and even your Clan. In the endgame, you’ll get repeatable Projects from the Base of Operations, the Dark Zone, and your Settlements.

Project rewards depend on when and where you get them. Early game Projects that are easy to complete won’t give as much experience as end game ones. Work on your Projects as you pick them up, and they’ll stay relevant.

If you want to check on the status of a Project in the field, you can open your map, and tab over to the Project section.

How to complete Projects

This late game Project needs varied donations to be completed
Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment via Polygon

The requirements to complete a Project vary with each type. Most Safe House Projects will ask you to find SHD Tech caches, supply Control Points, and complete activities in their district. A Dark Zone Project might ask you to open chests in a specific Dark Zone.

Some Projects require you to donate pieces of gear. They may ask for a piece from a slot like backpacks or a a piece from a manufacturer brand like Murakami Industries. Donations should always take priority over selling and dismantling. You can get money and materials from lots of different sources, but Projects require specific pieces of gear that may be hard to find. Donate your extra loot to Projects any chance you get. When you’re out of donations, then you should deconstruct or sell your remaining gear.

You can donate gear for any Project at the Project stalls in the Base of Operations, the Theater, or the Campus.

How do you claim your Project rewards?

This completed Project needs to be turned in at the Theater
Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment via Polygon

You’ll complete Safe House Projects instantly, and they’ll give you a bounty to chase down in their district. Projects for the Theater, Base of Operations, and Campus need you to return to reap the reward. Walk up to that location’s Project desk, and talk to the Project manager. Any completed Projects for that Settlement or Base will cash out their rewards.

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