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The Division 2 guide: Occupied Dark Zone

Welcome to The Division 2’s lawless frontier

Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment
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The Division 2’s Dark Zones have rules. The Occupied Dark Zone does not, and that can make it a little more harrowing. To help you survive in The Division 2’s most lawless and desolate area, this guide will teach you the basics about Occupied Dark Zones.

How is the Occupied Dark Zone different?

The main difference between the Dark Zone and the Occupied Dark Zone is scaling. In The Division 2, the Dark Zone takes the strength of your weapons and normalizes it, making it a set power level. That way enemies are killable, and no player has a huge advantage over anyone else. While this doesn’t negate weapon perks, such as faster reload speed or a bigger magazine, it makes guns do similar amounts of damage. The Dark Zones do the same thing with players’ armor, giving everyone the same amount to keep things (somewhat) fair.

The Occupied Dark Zone doesn’t normalize at all. You’ll need to stay alive based on the strength of the gear you have gathered. This is most meaningful in Dark Zone PvP where there’s no guarantee that your weapons are better than your opponents’ weapons. On top of that, there’s no marker for a Rogue squad in the Occupied Dark Zone, so the difference between friends and foes also gets harder to spot.

What’s the point of the Occupied Dark Zone?

The biggest advantage is loot. Everything from the Occupied Dark Zone has a higher chance to drop rarer gear. The other point is that some players enjoy the added tension and challenge that comes without gear normalization and extra notifications about the players around you.

Which Dark Zone is Occupied?

It depends on when you’re asking. The Occupied Dark Zone changes periodically. This is to help keep the environments interesting. Each Dark Zone has a different layout because they’re all in a different part of Washington, D.C.

The easiest way to tell which Dark Zone is Occupied at the moment is to open the map and look for the red knife, which appears over the Occupied Dark Zone.

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