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The Division 2 guide: What to do after you reach level 30

It’s time to take on the Black Tusk

The Division 2 Massive Entertainment / Ubisoft

The Division 2’s main campaign will guide you all the way through the game’s 30 levels. It will point you in the direction of suitable missions and bring you right to the door of the final mission (which requires you to be level 30 before you start it).

But after you hit 30, things aren’t quite as clear. Here’s a roadmap of everything you should do after you hit 30 in The Division 2’s endgame.

Specializations and the final mission

As soon as you reach 30, you’ll have access to the game’s final mission at the Capital Building. But you shouldn’t go there yet. Instead, head to the White House and talk to your Quartermaster. He’ll offer you three new specializations. Each specialization will give you a new specialist weapon and a new skill tree to upgrade. Once you’ve got your specialization, you can start the Capitol Building mission and finish the main campaign.

The Black Tusk arrive

After the final mission of the campaign, your map will change. A new faction, the Black Tusk, arrives in DC. This is the first stage of The Division 2’s endgame. You’re sent back through D.C. to recapture some of the key locations you already went through in the campaign, but this time you’ll be fighting the Black Tusk.

This process is a lot shorter than it was the first time around. Usually you’ll have to play one or two missions before taking on a Stronghold mission to close out an area. Then you repeat the process for each of the game’s four Strongholds to take back the entire map.

The Stronghold missions have a required Gear Score before you can start them, but the missions you have to do to unlock them should get you to the score you need. Each time you complete a Stronghold mission, you’ll advance to a new World Tier. World Tiers are difficulty modes within The Division 2’s endgame. You move from one tier to the next automatically once you’ve reached a certain Gear Score and completed the necessary missions.

The most important thing for this part of the endgame is clearing the missions the game gives you and advancing in World Tiers. For now, there are four World Tiers in The Division 2 with a fifth on the way.

World Tiers are grouped by Gear Score with Tier 1 capped at 300, Tier 2 at 350, Tier 3 at 400, and Tier 4 at 450. Any gear that drops while you’re in one of these tiers can only go up to its own tier cap. Each tier is a step up in difficulty, but because your gear is better as well the difference isn’t too stark, but it is noticeable. When you upgrade to a new tier, all of the content in the world will step up to the new tier’s difficulty.

World Tier 4 and Beyond

Once you have finished the last post-30 Stronghold mission, you’ll reach World Tier 4 and the final endgame missions. Sometime in the future, developer Massive Entertainment will release Tidal Basin, a new Stronghold, as well as World Tier 5. This will become The Division 2’s new endgame. But for now, World Tier 4 is capped at a Gear Score of 450.

The options for getting gear once you hit Tier 4 include completing bounties, which reset periodically, as well as the daily and weekly challenges. The Division 2’s Dark Zone will also reward gear up to 450. You can also track down Exotic blueprints and try to craft those if you’re feeling more adventurous. All these options offer good gear and will help to boost you to the maximum Gear Score quickly.

Once it’s released, World Tier 5 content is planned to reach a Gear Score of 500, making World Tier 4 gear irrelevant. Tier 5 will also add gear sets to The Division 2. Gear sets will introduce unique effects if you have several pieces of the same set equipped at once. These are likely to be the best pieces of gear in the game once players reach the 500 Gear Score cap. Until Tier 5 is released, though, the focus should be on attaining a Gear Score of 450 through the methods listed above.

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