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The Division 2 guide: How to unlock Cassie Mendoza, the secret vendor

Like if Xur had sick shades

Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment via Polygon
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

There are lots of obscure secrets for you to find in The Division 2. Cassie Mendoza — a rare vendor who sells powerful High-End items — is one of those secrets. Finding Cassie is easy, but unlocking her as a vendor is not. You’d be lucky to ever stumble upon her quest accidentally. That’s where we can help.

This guide will teach you how to unlock and find Cassie Mendoza in The Division 2.

Finding The Snitch

Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment via Polygon

To unlock Cassie, you’ll need to find an NPC called the Snitch.

First, fast travel to The 1040 Safe House. Take the door labeled South East exit, and walk until you reach outside. Run forward through the gate and follow the winding path. Eventually, you’ll see an NPC on your left labeled “???” Walk up to him and interact. He’ll drop a Bounty at his feet. Pick it up.

Completing the Bounty

Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment via Polygon

This step is random, so we can’t help you out with individual boss strategies.

After you pick up the Bounty, you’ll have 15 minutes to complete it. Locate the new Bounty on your map and fast travel as close to it as you can. Run into the area and kill all the enemies. You’ll likely have to clear a few groups of enemies, and move onto new areas deeper into the building or street. Once you kill the named boss, Cassie will appear on the map.

It’s worth noting that failing this Bounty by dying will deactivate the Snitch. You’ll have to wait to try it again. Take a friend with you to help out. If you want to do it alone, play it safe and go slow.

Finding Cassie

Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment via Polygon

After you kill the Bounty, Cassie will appear somewhere on the map. Look for the little shopping cart icon; she can appear in different places. For example, we first found Cassie in an apartment bathroom in Judiciary Square. Let your GPS guide you to her location. You may have to do some climbing or running through alleys, but she’s easy to find.

Cassie sells powerful High-End items for E-Credits (your default currency). But she only stays in the same place for a certain amount of time. You can find a clock displayed next to her icon on the map. It shows you how long she has left in her current spot.