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The Division 2 guide: How to get the Liberty Exotic sidearm

Find a D50 and put it in the bank; you’re gonna need it

Massive Entertainment/Ubisoft via Polygon

The Liberty sidearm is a powerful Exotic Desert Eagle in The Division 2. It’s a great catchall Exotic, with an excellent perk that still works when you holster the gun. If you’re looking for a gun that’s always useful, and doesn’t take up a primary weapon slot, you want to get this Exotic.

This guide will teach you how to find Liberty’s crafting materials and put the gun together.

Note: If you get a D50 sidearm at any time in The Division 2, do not sell or dismantle it. You will need one for the final step of this quest.

Liberty Perk Details

Liberty an Exotic sidearm that works no matter what build you want to run. It’s a re-skinned, upgraded version of the D50 Desert Eagle sidearm. This gun will help you destroy enemy weak points, letting you take them down much faster. Here are the perks:

  • Liberty: Deal 100% increased damage to enemy electronics. Aiming at enemies highlights their weak points and electronics.
  • Blind Justice: Destroying an enemy weak point or electronic causes your next shot to deal 500% damage. If your empowered shot kills an enemy, Liberty’s magazine will reload and gain 100% bonus damage for the entire magazine.
  • Independence: While you have Liberty holstered, destroying an enemy weak point or electronic refills 20% of your currently held weapon’s ammo.

Step 1: Where to find the Trigger and Mechanism

Massive Entertainment/Ubisoft via Polygon

You won’t be able to access the Capitol Building Stronghold until the very end of the campaign. The first time you go through the mission, you’ll run into a boss on the roof of Capitol Hill. Kill the boss and you’ll earn your first pieces of the Liberty Exotic sidearm: the Trigger and Mechanism crafting materials.

Step 2: Where to find the Receiver and Paint Job

Massive Entertainment/Ubisoft via Polygon

After you beat the game and collect the Trigger and Mechanism materials, you’ll need to replay another mission. Replay the American History Museum mission until the very end. The final boss will drop the Receiver and Paint Job crafting materials.

Step 3: Where to find the Sight and Rail

Massive Entertainment/Ubisoft via Polygon

After you find the Receiver and Paint Job, you’ll need to play through another museum. Go through the ViewPoint Museum mission until you start getting hit with EMPs. Kill the final boss and they’ll drop the Sight and Rail crafting materials.

Step 4: Where to find the Grip, Tags, and blueprint

Massive Entertainment/Ubisoft via Polygon

You’ll need to play one more mission before you’ve gathered all the crafting materials. Play through the Space Administration HQ mission and defeat the flaming grenadier boss at the end of the mission. They’ll drop the blueprint for the Liberty and the final crafting materials: Grips and Tags.

Step 5: Find a D50 sidearm

This is the part of the mission where you’ll need to get lucky. You need to play The Division 2 until you get a D50 sidearm. This gun is very rare, and it drops randomly. If you get one, hold onto it until you’re ready to build a Liberty.

Step 6: Craft it

Massive Entertainment/Ubisoft via Polygon

After you’ve collected all these pieces, you’ll need to visit your Crafting Bench in the White House. Use all your materials to build yourself a Liberty sidearm. If you want to get the Liberty to drop at 440 Gear Score, you’ll need to upgrade your Crafting Bench first.

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