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The Division 2 guide: How to get the Sweet Dreams Exotic shotgun

A gift from the Outcasts

Sweet Dreams is the only Exotic shotgun in The Division 2 so far. It’s a decent Exotic in PvP, but it has some of the weakest perks out there for normal PvE play. If you’re sick of watching enemy agents heal and run in the Dark Zone, pick this up.

This guide will teach you where to farm for Sweet Dreams in The Division 2 and what it does once you get it.

Sweet Dreams perk details

Sweet Dreams is among the weakest Exotics in The Division 2. Meleeing an enemy in the game is difficult and useless. All but one of Sweet Dream’s perks rely on getting close and punching enemies. However, it does have some potential in PvP, and the holstered perk is great for reloading large clips.

  • Sweet Dreams: Meleeing an enemy after swapping to Sweet Dreams grants 35% bonus armor. The enemy also receives the Sandman debuff. Killing an enemy afflicted with Sandman reapplies the bonus armor.
  • Sandman: Enemies with the Sandman debuff can’t use armor kits or receive any healing.
  • Evasive: While you have Sweet Dreams holstered, dodging reloads 1% of your currently active weapon’s magazine.

How to get Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams comes from missions that end in named Outcast bosses. Unfortunately, the drop chance is low, and you’ll have to get lucky to pick one up for yourself.

To increase your chances of picking one up, play in a group and turn up the difficulty. If you’re playing with friends, you can trade the weapon to someone else in the party and a player gets two. Friends also help missions go faster.

You can play on either Hard or Challenging difficulty to increase your drop chance. Start on Hard, and see how easily you complete it before bumping up the difficulty.

The missions that are eligible for this drop are:

  • DCD Headquarters
  • Potomac Event Center
  • Roosevelt Island Stronghold

DCD Headquarters is the fastest and easiest mission. Run it over and over again until Sweet Dreams drops for you or a generous friend.

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