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Dungeons & Dragons

Stay up to date on the ever-expanding world of Dungeons & Dragons, including the latest updates to the TTRPG, as well as everything to know about D&D movies, TV shows, and video games.

The D&D movie’s smallest cameo raises a big question

D&D: Honor Among Thieves has delivered a wave of new toys and game deals

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Honor Among Thieves’ directors explain where and why they broke the D&D rules

And more significantly, where they follow the lore exactly

A beginner’s guide to playing Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons movie summons a mini Freaks and Geeks reunion

D&D’s next edition begins with Vecna in 2024

D&D’s Regé-Jean Page says playing Diablo and JRPGs made him an actor

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is coming to Magic: The Gathering

D&D adds Minecraft monsters with free Monstrous Compendium DLC

Dungeons & Dragons is coming to Minecraft

D&D Direct lays out Dungeons & Dragons’ big plans for 2023

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is everything a D&D fan could want

Hugh Grant’s charisma is appropriately high in official stats for D&D movie

For GM’s Day, a bunch of great TTRPGs are up to 30% off

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Worlds Beyond Number is the next big breakout actual play podcast

An interview with Erika Ishii, Aabria Iyengar, Brennan Lee Mulligan, and Lou Wilson

Vallejo created 20 new paint colors for your D&D miniatures

Baldur’s Gate 3 hits PS5 and PC this summer, but not Xbox

The 7 best D&D heists in Keys From the Golden Vault, a new anthology of adventures

Humble Bundle’s popular Pathfinder deal has been extended to March 2

The D&D movie has already inspired a full overhaul of one D&D class

Hasbro CEO on D&D fiasco: ‘We misfired’ on the OGL but have ‘since course corrected’

Acquisitions Incorporated, the OG D&D actual play series, returns for its 15th anniversary

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As D&D increasingly goes digital, Dwarven Forge brings focus back to the tabletop

Inside the design of Cities Untold: Lowtown, now on Kickstarter

You can unlock D&D’s ‘Keys from the Golden Vault’ anthology right now

Cultural consultants will play a bigger role in D&D following racist content in recent book

D&D exec: OGL fiasco worsened by lack of respect for Wizards of the Coast

D&D’s OGL controversy turbocharges sales of virtually every other tabletop RPG

How two D&D adventures connect to the Dungeons & Dragons movie

Paizo commits to legal battle against Wizards over the future of Pathfinder and D&D

D&D won’t change the OGL, handing fans and third-party publishers a massive victory

D&D’s next anthology, Keys from the Golden Vault, detailed with little fanfare online

D&D movie villain revealed and, no, it’s not Vecna

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