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Dungeons & Dragons

Stay up to date on the ever-expanding world of Dungeons & Dragons, including the latest updates to the TTRPG, as well as everything to know about D&D movies, TV shows, and video games.

One of D&D’s greatest treasures will soon be shared with the world

D&D’s 2024 revision of 5th edition won’t be complete until 2025

Dragonlance author confirms Joe Manganiello’s secret TV project is dead

The best actual play of 2024 includes Dungeons & Dragons and many more systems

D&D’s Deck of Many Things is an experiment that failed

The best actual play of 2023 includes Dimension 20, DesiQuest, and more

Getting The Deck of Many Things? These are the card sleeves you need

Pretending to be your D&D character makes working out a lot more engaging

‘Almost nobody left’ of D&D team that helped get Baldur’s Gate 3 off the ground, says Larian CEO

Dimension 20 returns for Junior Year at Fantasy High

Hasbro’s layoffs have deeply impacted the D&D and Magic teams

MCDM Productions is raising money to produce its own D&D alternative

New to D&D? Check out these gift ideas

There’s a Total Recall tabletop RPG adventure, and it’s on sale for Cyber Monday

The best D&D Cyber Monday deals include the best D&D adventures

D&D’s Deck of Many Things launch delayed until January 2024

This pop-up D&D terrain is a game changer for DMs on a budget

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Dimension 20’s Coffin Run is a nearly flawless Dracula adaptation

As Worlds Beyond Number’s second season begins, time is on their side

Defects torpedo the launch of D&D’s Deck of Many Things

The sequel to the bestselling Dungeons & Dragons cookbook contains a secret weapon

D&D’s Deck of Many Things is the physical embodiment of an old-school dungeon crawl

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Hollywood is going to come for D&D actual plays sooner or later — will they survive?

The mainstream success of actual plays is inevitable, and we might be getting a glimpse into the future

For Dimension 20’s next campaign, Burrow’s End, Aabria Iyengar needs you to trust her

Geralt voice actor Doug Cockle throws down for Dungeons & Dragons actual play series

Dungeons & Dragons’ deadliest adventures are on sale for Amazon Prime Day

Dungeons & Dragons’ Planescape campaign should be played as quickly as possible

Dimension 20 broke all the actual play rules to become the best D&D show around

Death is the hot new mechanic in Dungeons & Dragons’ fancy Planescape campaign

One of D&D’s most approachable campaigns yet is available now

Watch the Baldur’s Gate 3 cast play tabletop D&D in character on Twitch

Baldur’s Gate 3 gets even better when you make a new character

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