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Doom Eternal secrets guide: Hell on Earth maps and locations

All collectibles found in the Barge and the City

Three Hell Priest stand in a circle in Doom Eternal Image: id Software/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon

In Doom Eternal’s first mission, “Hell on Earth,” there are 13 exploration items across the two sections of the map, the Barge and the City.

While some items, like modbots and codex entries, appear on the map automatically as you explore, a hidden or secret item won’t show up unless you happen to walk nearby. You’ll know you’ve passed by one of these collectibles when you see a white question mark on the map or a large, floating question mark in the game world.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all hidden items: three toys and one cheat code. Below, you’ll find maps, locations, and explanations of how to reach every question mark and find each secret in this level of Doom Eternal.

Hell on Earth toy locations

There are three toys to find in “Hell on Earth.”

Barge // Toy 01: Zombie (Earth)

When you first load into the level, you’ll immediately make your way down to a lower section. You’ll notice a question mark hidden behind a wall to your right the moment you enter this new area. This is the location of the game’s first secret.

To access it, head to the far end of the room. Looking west, you’ll find a breakable wall you can hit with a melee attack.

Destroy it and follow the path down and around. When you reach the dead, turn around and double jump up and grab Toy 01: Zombie (Earth).

City // Toy 02: Doom Slayer

Once you transition to the City section of the first mission, you’ll enter a destroyed apartment complex. To progress further, you must punch through a breakable wall. Instead of going straight forward into the level after breaking the wall, look up and left toward the zombie overhead.

Double jump to where the zombie is, and in the hallway to its right is Toy 02: Doom Slayer.

City // Toy 03: Imp

When you get to the shopping mall section, head to the broken down truck to the left of the store called “Scott.” From there, you’ll run along the truck and jump across into the second level of a store called “Shuz.”

Once inside, you’ll see a breakable wall to the left. Destroy and jump down the elevator shaft to grab Toy 03: Imp.

Hell on Earth cheat code location

There is only one hidden cheat code in “Hell on Earth’s” City area.

City // Cheat Code: Infinite Lives

When you get to the section where you first encounter a tentacle, you’ll notice a question mark above the tentacle in a tunnel above. To get to the hidden cheat code, keep going down the hallway past that first tentacle until you can’t go any further.

To your right, you’ll see a red room with an open vent. Hop in, smash the vent, go down the tunnel, and grab the Cheat Code: Infinite Lives.

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