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Doom Eternal secrets guide: Cultist Base maps and locations

All collectibles found in the Cultist Base

The Cultist Base in Doom Eternal Image: id Software/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon

In Doom Eternal’s third mission, “Cultist Base,” there are 17 exploration items scattered across the entire base you’ll be exploring.

While some items, like modbots and codex entries, appear on the map automatically as you explore, a hidden or secret item won’t show up unless you happen to walk nearby. You’ll know you’ve passed by one of these collectibles when you see a white question mark on the map or a large, floating question mark in the game world.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all hidden items: two toys, two hidden Sentinel Batteries, one album, one hidden Secret Encounter (the other is along the critical path), one Empyrean Key, one hidden Praetor Suit Point, and one cheat code.

Below, you’ll find maps, locations, and explanations of how to reach every question mark and find each secret in this level of Doom Eternal.

Cultist Base toy locations

There are two toys to find in the Cultist Base.

Cultist Base // Toy 01: Gargoyle

While not hidden in plain sight, grabbing this toy isn’t obvious at first. You’ll come across this secret toy sitting on top of a giant, horned skull in the first open area at the start of the mission.

To begin, jump off the giant spine and air dash to the jump pad ahead. As you float up, turn around and grab the climbable ledge behind you. Air dash to the climbable wall to your right while avoiding the electric mines. Climb to the top of the wall but do not vault up to the ledge yet.

Turn to your left so you’re facing the hanging horned skull. Jump and dash onto the skull to grab Toy 01: Gargoyle.

Cultist Base // Toy 02: Solder (Blaster)

After you get your Super Shotgun back, you’ll fight your way through a room filled with enemies. Once done, you’ll drop down into a corridor filled with falling blades and enemies. Midway through the tunnel, turn right to see a breakable vent.

Punch it and reveal the secret Toy 02: Solder (Blaster).

Cheat code location

There is one cheat code to find in the “Cultist Base.”

Cultist Base // Cheat Code: IDDQD

After you get your Super Shotgun back, you’ll enter a room that’s basically a shooting gallery of enemies. After you’ve broken all the locks that reveal all the enemies and have taken care of them all, the structure in the center of the room will allow you to jump down into it. Before you do that, you’ll find a question mark above the structure with this mission’s only cheat code.

To get it, use the swing bars on the side of the structure to leap parallel to the structure. Then turn in midair and then double jump and dash back toward the Cheat Code: IDDQD.

Sentinel Battery locations

There are three Sentinel Batteries to find in the “Cultist Base.” One is along the critical path, while two are hidden.

Cultist Base // Sentinel Battery 01

Before you even infiltrate the base, you’ll likely see this Sentinel Battery on a ledge above a doorway past the first battle encounter.

To access it, find the ledge in the gallery above by double jumping to it. Break through the vent and punch the green level in the room. This will lower a gate below the bridge that will give you access to a jump pad. Hit the jump pad, which will boost you up, then air dash toward the Sentinel Battery.

Cultist Base // Sentinel Battery 02

After you’re introduced to the area where you need to get your Super Shotgun back, keep heading up the tower with the moving platforms.

Once you’re at the very top, instead of pushing forward, turn around to the area where there are several demons hanging from the ceiling and two boxes with yellow markings on top.

You’ll see a Sentinel Battery hidden behind a gate. There are two moving platforms here, but only one of them will allow you to enter it. Do that, and it’ll reveal a hidden passage leading into the chamber with the Sentinel Battery.

Cultist Base album location

There is only one album in the “Cultist Base.”

Cultist Base // Album: Doom II - Into Sandy’s City

In the room with the giant spikes falling from the ceiling, you can see this question mark behind a gate to your immediate left after you walk in.

To access this secret, walk to the far end of the room. To your left, you’ll see giant spikes falling downward in a chamber. When they fall, you can actually jump on top of the mechanism.

Quickly dash across the top of the other spikes machines and into the room with the secret album: Doom II - Into Sandy’s City.

Cultist Base hidden Praetor Suit Point

While all of the Praetor Suit Points in the “Cultist Base” are along the critical path, one is hidden behind a gate. Here’s how to get it.

Cultist Base // Hidden Praetor Suit Point

After the area where you fight the snake-like enemies for the first time, you’ll head down a path where you need to fight enemies with shields and eventually enter the room where you need to lower the gate for the next area. Before leaving the tunnel with the shielded enemies, look to your left.

Look for a breakable wall. Jump up, smash it, and follow the path to the hidden Praetor Suit Point.

Cultist Base Secret Encounter locations

There are two Secret Encounters in the “Cultist Base.” The first one is in plain sight within a room along the critical path, but the second one is hidden.

Cultist Base // Secret Encounter

You’ll find the hidden Secret Encounter in the area right after you need to jump and climb up the multiple towers. The next place you’ll go is through a corridor with spikes that crush you on either side. Before moving through there, look to your right to see a room with two land mines and a body shield.

Behind a breakable wall in that room, you’ll find the hidden Secret Encounter.

Cultist Base Slayer Key location

A Slayer Key is hidden in the “Cultist Base.” You need the Slayer Key to open the Slayer Gate, which gets you one of the six Empyrean Keys.

Promenade of Culling // Slayer Key

There is a hidden area in the section where you need to punch the giant demon in the chest to move forward. Typically, you would use the walls behind it to climb up and over, but if you look down behind it, you’ll see you can also go under it.

Jump down behind the demon to find a second set of climbing walls below it. Grab onto a wall and turn around to see a swing bar below the demon. Follow the swing bar down and around. If you’re having difficulty making it all the way across, in the section where you need to hit the dash crystal, jump off the climbing wall, air dash, jump again, and then air dash into the crystal — so that you can then double dash to the far wall.

Once you reach the final wall, climb up, swing on the yellow bar, and jump up to a hidden section containing the Slayer Key.

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