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Doom Eternal secrets guide: Super Gore Nest maps and locations

All collectibles found at the Super Gore Next

The Super Gore Nest from Doom Eternal Image: id Software/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon

In Doom Eternal’s fifth mission, “Super Gore Nest,” there are 23 exploration items across the level you’ll be exploring.

While some items, like modbots and codex entries, appear on the map automatically as you explore, a hidden or secret item won’t show up unless you happen to walk nearby. You’ll know you’ve passed by one of these collectibles when you see a white question mark on the map or a large, floating question mark in the game world.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all hidden items: three hidden toys, one hidden Rune, one cheat code, one hidden Praetor Suit Point, one hidden Sentinel Battery, one hidden modbot, and one album. Below, you’ll find maps, locations, and explanations of how to reach every question mark and find each secret in this level of Doom Eternal.

Super Gore Nest toy locations

There are three toys hidden across the Super Gore Nest.

Super Gore Nest // Toy 1: Soldier (Shield)

After the second battle encounter, the fleshy structure in the middle will open up, allowing you to use a swing bar to continue forward.

Land on the ledge, and turn around and find a small ledge you can hop into. There you will find Toy 01: Soldier (Shield).

Super Gore Nest // Toy 2: Revenant

In the area after you first get the RAD suit, you’ll make your way to a long tunnel. It’s at the very bottom right near the not-so-secret Secret Encounter that’s just sitting in a small tunnel in the center of the room.

At the end of tunnel, at the bottom of this area, covered in radioactive water is Toy 02: Revenant.

Super Gore Nest // Toy 3: Mecha Zombie

After finding the blue gore key, you’ll make your way back to the large, demonic structure in the middle of one of the battle arenas you came across earlier in the mission.

Now that you have the blue gore key, you can enter the structure in the middle, which has a launch pad. Once inside, as you float up, turn to find the floating question mark on a small ledge in one of the buildings. It contains Toy 3: Mecha Zombie.

Super Gore Nest Base hidden Rune locations

Unlike most levels, Super Gore Nest has a hidden Rune.

Super Gore Nest // Hidden Rune

After you receive the yellow gore key, you’ll be able to enter a new path in the main hub area — the same place you found Toy 01: Soldier.

While moving through that critical path, you’ll come across a hologram that speaks to you. When you see it, turn around, and you’ll see a jump pad leading you to a hidden area that was blocked in the encounter room where you gained the yellow gore key.

In that room is the Super Gore Nest hidden Rune.

Super Gore Nest Base Cheat Code location

There is one hidden Cheat Code in the Super Gore Nest.

Super Gore Nest // Cheat Code

When you reach the battle arena where you need to insert all three gore keys, you’ll find a tunnel underneath the main platform in that area.

Its entrance is only accessible from the left side. To get in, find the climbable wall to the left of the platform, and then jump and dash through a cracked beige wall. You’ll enter a tunnel with the Cheat Code: Infinite Ammo.

Super Gore Nest Base album location

Super Gore Nest has two albums. One is along the critical path after you get the blue gore key. Here’s how to find the hidden album.

Super Gore Nest // Album: Doom III - Main Theme location

After you get the red gore key, you’ll make your way to a battle arena with a buff totem. After that area, you’ll have to do a small jumping puzzle to continue forward through a damaged building.

In the area right before you move forward, where the hologram is next to the door, look out the window east of that door to see a floating question mark in the building across the way. You need to time your jump right to hit the swing bar on the floating demon skull and grab the Album: Doom III - Main Theme.

Super Gore Nest Base Hidden Praetor Suit locations

While most of the Praetor Suit Points are along the critical path in Super Gore Nest, two of them are hidden.

Super Gore Nest // Hidden Praetor Suit Point Location 1

Early on in the level, a demonic pillar will raise a 1UP out of reach. This is essential for finding the first hidden Praetor Suit Point.

Eventually you’ll make your way into a room in a lobby with a moving structure with two swing bars. Locate the area on the second floor in the map above, and look for a breakable wall.

Breaking through it will allow you to jump and grab the 1UP, lowering the platform and opening two doors that were previously locked in this area. One will release a Pinky enemy right next to you. The other will reveal the hidden Praetor Suit Point.

Super Gore Nest // Hidden Praetor Suit Point Location 2

After receiving the red gore key, drop down from the ledge you grabbed it from.

A tunnel has now opened to your left, running along the ground where the radiation is. At the end of the tunnel is a hidden Praetor Suit Point.

Super Gore Nest Base Sentinel Battery location

Super Gore Nest has three Sentinel Batteries, but only one of them outside of the critical path. Here’s how the find the hidden Sentinel Battery.

Super Gore Nest // Sentinel Battery

After getting the RAD suit for the first time, follow the critical path toward the fire hazards through the radioactive tunnels. Keep going past the rotating machinery further into the tunnel and around the corner to find the Sentinel Battery that is hidden behind a gate.

Super Gore Nest Base hidden Modbot location

Super Gore Nest has one hidden Modbot.

Super Gore Nest // Hidden Modbot

Image: id Software/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon

In the small battle arena right after you find the Automap terminal, you’ll need to activate a skull-shaped switch that open a path to a teleporter. Before entering the teleporter, make your way to the hallway highlighted above to find a hidden Modbot.

Cultist Base Slayer Key location

A Slayer Key is hidden in the “Super Gore Nest.” You need the Slayer Key to open the Slayer Gate, which gets you one of the six Empyrean Keys.

Super Gore Nest // Slayer Key

After you get the blue gore key, you’ll make your way back around to one of the first battle arenas — the area with the giant, fleshy structure in the middle. Use the jump pad inside of it to fly up and grab the wall adjacent to it.

Go through the door you can now open with the key and down a hallway with a Spectre enemy. Keep going until you have to go through a lower area. There you’ll find a Sentinel Battery and the Slayer Key overlooking the battle arena where the Slayer Gate is.