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Doom Eternal secrets guide: Taras Nabad maps and locations

All collectibles found on Taras Nabad

Taras Nabad from Doom Eternal Image: id Software/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon

In Doom Eternal’s ninth mission, “Taras Nabad,” there are 25 exploration items across the level you’ll be exploring.

While some items, like codex entries, appear on the map automatically as you explore, a hidden or secret item won’t show up unless you happen to walk nearby. You’ll know you’ve passed by one of these collectibles when you see a white question mark on the map or a large, floating question mark in the game world.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all hidden items: two Sentinel Batteries, two Albums, two Secret Encounters, one hidden Mastery Token, one Cheat Code, one hidden Praetor Suit Point, and three Toys.

Below, you’ll find maps, locations, and explanations of how to reach every question mark and find each secret in this level of Doom Eternal.

Taras Nabad Sentinel Battery locations

There are three Sentinel Batteries in the “Taras Nabad” mission. One of them is in plain sight, but the other two are hidden.

City Outskirts // Sentinel Battery 1

At the beginning of the level where you find the first lore piece, drop off the side of the platform to find a breakable wall. Punch through it to find the Sentinel Battery at the end of the tunnel.

Atrium Plaza // Sentinel Battery 2

At the far end of the plaza are two statues of soldiers kneeling against a wall. The one on the right is breakable. Punch it to reveal a green switch.

Pressing the switch opens the gate down that corridor where a giant weight is hanging. Climb the wall behind the weight, jump off it, and smash the chain to drop the weight revealing access to the chamber below with the Sentinel Battery.

Taras Nabad Album locations

There are two Albums in the “Taras Nabad” mission.

City Outskirts // Album: Doom (2016) - BFG Division

Right after the first battle encounter in this level, you’ll come across a broken bridge that you need to jump and dash across.

Before doing so, drop off the edge, turn around, and find the ledge with this Album: Doom (2016) - BFG Division.

Throne Room // Album 2: Quake II - Rage

In the large circular room with the skull chair at the end, go behind the big head to activate two jump pads on either side of the room.

Instead of using the jump pads to knock down the chandelier in the room and continue forward, first hit the jump pad and carefully double jump and air dash to destroy the wall pictured in the gallery.

Inside the small room behind the wall is the Album: Quake II - Rage.

Taras Nabad Secret Encounter locations

There are two Secret Encounters in the “Taras Nabad” mission.

Atrium Plaza // Secret Encounter 1

In the first large battle arena you encounter, find the wall pictured above and punch through it. Behind it is a Secret Encounter.

Fallen Titan // Secret Encounter 2

After the battle arena below the giant demon, head up a flight of stairs once you clear the room. At the top of the stairs, instead of moving forward, punch the wall to your left to reveal a glittering cave.

Drop down, and you’ll find the this Secret Encounter.

Taras Nabad Mastery Tokens locations

There are two Mastery Tokens in the “Taras Nabad” mission, yet only one of them is hidden.

Atrium Plaza // Mastery Token

To unlock the gate hiding this Mastery Token, you must first find the first Secret Encounter.

In the first large battle arena, you’ll find a breakable wall in the lower area. Punch through it, and you’ll find the Secret Encounter. Right next to it is a small hallway with a green button. Hit that button and the gate keeping you away from this Mastery Token will open.

Taras Nabad Cheat Code location

There is one cheat code in the “Taras Nabad” mission.

Fallen Titan // Cheat code - Powerup Mode: Overdrive

In the battle arena right below the giant demon on your map, you’ll find both this cheat code and a Secret Encounter.

To find your way into the secret passage, clear the battle arena, and then move onto the next area. At the top of the stairs is a breakable wall to your left. Bust through to find a room filled with a glittering cave. Drop into the cave, and inside you’ll find the Cheat Code - Powerup Mode: Overdrive.

Taras Nabad Praetor Suit Point locations

There is one hidden Praetor Suit Points in the “Taras Nabad” mission. All the others are in plain sight.

Fallen Titan // Hidden Praetor Suit Point

When you get to the area with the giant demon, you’ll find a Praetor Suit Point waiting for you on the other side of its right leg.

Taras Nabad Toy locations

There are three hidden toys in “Taras Nabad.”

Atrium Plaza // Toy 1: Cyber Mancubus

Right after the Atrium Plaza, in the area right after you swim in the radioactive water, is a large staircase. To the right of it is a statue of a soldier leaning against a wall. Punch it to break it and reveal a green switch. Hitting the green switch lights up a small pedestal in the center of the stairs.

Jump on the pedestal to open the gate in the back end of this area to get Toy 1: Cyber Mancubus.

Fallen Titan // Toy 2: Marauder

When you get to the area with giant demon, hop over its right leg to reveal not only a Praetor Suit Point, but also a breakable wall hiding Toy 2: Marauder.

Throne Room // Toy 3: Pain Elemental

This one is best left saved for the end of the level when you have fast travel unlocked because you may need several attempts to get the Toy.

Once you get to the end of the level and can fast travel, head to the Throne Room warp point.

Keep going forward until you get to the large vertical tunnel that you need to drop down. Look at the map in the gallery above, orient yourself so that you’re facing the proper side of the tunnel. Before you attempt finding this hidden Toy, it’s best to fall down the tunnel a few times while shooting an automatic weapon to illuminate the tunnel. The idea is to see just where the hidden question mark is, since most of the tunnel is bathed in darkness.

Once you feel like you’ve learned where it is, teleport back to the Throne Room. Then, as you drop down, dash through the gate and into the room with Toy 3: Pain Elemental.

Taras Nabad Slayer Key location

A Slayer Key is hidden in the “Taras Nabad.” You need the Slayer Key to open the Slayer get, which gets you one of the six Empyrean Keys.

Fallen Titan // Slayer Key

Image: id Software/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon

In the area before the Fallen Titan, when you are in the sewers, you’ll make your way through some radioactive water to get out of the tunnels and enter a battle arena.

Before entering the battle arena, make a left turn in the tunnels to find a Slayer Key waiting for you right next to a gate.

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