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Doom Eternal secrets guide: Urdak maps and locations

All collectibles found at Urdak

Image: id Software/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon

In Doom Eternal’s 12th mission, “Urdak” there are 14 exploration items across this level’s areas: Guardians of Sanctuary, The Sanctuary, Abyss of Sanctuary, Dimensional Lacerator, and the Vivisection Edifacator.

While some items like codex entries appear on the map automatically as you explore, a hidden or secret item won’t show up unless you happen to walk nearby. You’ll know you’ve passed by one of these collectibles when you see a white question mark on the map or a large, floating question mark in the game world.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all hidden items: two Mastery Tokens, two Albums, one hidden Secret Encounter, three Toys, one hidden Praetor Suit Point, and one Cheat Code. Below, you’ll find maps, locations, and explanations of how to reach every question mark and find each secret in this level of Doom Eternal.

Urdak Mastery Token locations

There are two Mastery Tokens in “Urdak.”

The Sanctuary // Mastery Token 1

Once you get past all the jumping puzzles and make your way into the first structure in Urdak, you’ll come across a room where you need to shoot a green node to shut down the laser gates to move forward.

Once across, turn around and you’ll notice another green node above you. Shooting that will lower a platform in the middle of the room. Jump on it so you can grab the golden climbable wall ahead of you. Climb up, turn around, and enter the tunnel behind you. From there the tunnel lead you out into the next room where a Mastery Token sits on top of a structure.

Abyss of Sanctuary // Mastery Token 2

After the section where you need to punch a large statue down to move forward, you’ll burst through a vent and enter a tight corridor. Immediately after jumping up the first platform in that section, turn around and find a Mastery Coin.

Urdak album locations

There are two albums in “Urdak.”

Guardians of Sanctuary // Album: Quake 2: Descent into Ceberon

After the Icon of Sin breaks free, you’ll be dropped down to a lower area and will have to do some platforming. Right after you grab the piece of lore about the Icon of Sin, turn around.

You’ll notice a ledge that is barely lit up ahead of you. Jump up there and hidden in the dark corner of that ledge is a breakable wall. Punch through it to find the hidden album: Quake 2: Descent into Ceberon.

Abyss of Sanctuary // Album: Doom (2016) Rip and Tear

This album is easiest to get once you can fast travel back to the Abyss of Sanctuary.

Upon fast traveling, immediately turn around and jump into the circular passage way behind you. Follow it out to the section with the golden swing bars. Above the first swing bar, you’ll see a floating question mark. Double jump over to grab the album: Doom (2016) Rip and Tear.

Urdak hidden Secret Encounter location

There is one hidden Secret Encounters in “Urdak.”

Guardians of Sanctuary // Secret Encounter 1

In the area where you need to punch the large statue to move forward, you’ll find a locked door on one side of the room. If you face that door and turn around, you’ll notice a large block you can punch. Hit it to send it to the other side of the room, giving you a platform to climb up to the ledge above the door and into the room with this Secret Encounter.

Urdak Toy locations

There are three toys in “Urdak.”

Abyss of Sanctuary // Toy 1: Khan Maykr

When you get to the area where Hayden introduces you to the rings you need to align, head to the right and find the light near the tree pictured above. Jump off the platform and turn around to find a ledge below with Toy 01: Khan Maykr.

Dimensional Lacerator // Toy 2: Maykr Drone

In the area you fly off to after aligning the first ring, head to the back of the area that opens up after the battle arena. Find the small platform in the gallery above and double jump up to the platform where you’ll find Toy 02: Maykr Drone.

Vivisection Edifacator // Toy 3: Spectre

After activating the last ring, you’ll make your way outside the final control room to enter the portal you’ve open. Once you’re outside that building, before launching to the portal, turn around and you’ll see a question mark floating on a platform. Double jump over to grab Toy 03: Spectre.

Urdak hidden Praetor Suit Point locations

There is one hidden Praetor Suit Point in “Urdak.”

Abyss of Sanctuary // Hidden Praetor Suit Point

If you facing the control room where you activate the first ring, head southwest to the small ledge where you’ll find some purple ammo. Double jump from there towards the ledge ahead of you to find a breakable wall. On the other side is a hidden Praetor Suit Point.

Urdak cheat code location

There is one cheat code “Urdak.”

Perse Harmonizer // Cheat code - Powerup mode: Berserk

After you align the purple ring, a previously locked door in the control room will open up.

Head outside to the area where you see the purple ammo. Above the ammo on the wall is a breakable wall. Jump and smash through that wall to find the cheat code - Powerup Mode: Berserk.

The next level of puzzles.

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