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Doom Eternal secrets: All cheat code locations

Find every secret cheat code with our Doom Eternal maps

Throughout the levels of Doom Eternal are several collectibles. While some of them are purely for fun, cheat codes can impact the game. Once collected, you can select cheat codes before replaying stages. They give you buffs, brand new advantages, and more.

Follow our maps below to find the location of each cheat code throughout Doom Eternal. Several levels don’t have cheat codes, and we’ve only included the ones that have them here. We’ve also broken down their location per stage with convenient maps and directions to easily find them.

Fortress of Doom cheat code

There are two cheat codes hidden on the Fortress of Doom.

Fortress of Doom // All Runes location cheat code location

Using two Sentinel Batteries, you can unlock an area in the northeast region of the Fortress of Doom. Inside, you’ll find a new customizable skin.

Once inside the chamber that unlocks the original Praetor Suit, look for an exit out of the chamber through a hole in the wall to the left. Drop out of the hole and turn back to face the structure. Further down, look for a small opening containing the All Runes cheat code.

Fortress of Doom // Fully upgraded suit location cheat code location

[Warning: The explanation of this cheat code’s location contains spoilers for those reading this early in Doom Eternal’s campaign.]

This cheat code is only available near the end of the game.

Once Samuel Hayden is a part of your ship, and you have the sword, and you’re getting ready for the tail end of the game, you’ll notice this question mark above where the Crucible is located on your ship — just south of the control room.

There’s no way to reach it normally, but if you look at the top right of the room, you’ll see a red node you can shoot. Doing so will create a red jump pad in front of the Crucible that will launch you into an air duct above the question mark. Drop down and grab the Fully upgraded suit cheat code.

Hell on Earth cheat code

There is only one hidden cheat code in Hell on Earth’s City area.

City // Infinite Lives cheat code location

When you get to the section where you first encounter a tentacle, you’ll notice a question mark above the tentacle in a tunnel above. To get to the hidden cheat code, keep going down the hallway past that first tentacle until you can’t go any further.

To your right, you’ll see a red room with an open vent. Hop in, smash the vent, go down the tunnel, and grab the Infinite Lives cheat code.

Cultist Base cheat code

There is one cheat code to find in Cultist Base.

Cultist Base // DDQD cheat code location

After you get your Super Shotgun back, you’ll enter a room that’s basically a shooting gallery of enemies. After you’ve broken all the locks that reveal all the enemies and have taken care of them all, the structure in the center of the room will allow you to jump down into it. Before you do that, you’ll find a question mark above the structure with this mission’s only cheat code.

To get it, use the swing bars on the side of the structure to leap parallel to the structure. Then turn in midair and then double jump and dash back toward the IDDQD cheat code.

Doom Hunter Base cheat code location

There is one cheat code to find in Doom Hunter Base.

Cultist Base // Silver Bullet Mode cheat code location

Partway through the mission, you’ll come across a machine that removes a demon’s body from one of the level’s many floating caskets. Eventually, you’ll make your way to the top of the device.

Upon reaching the top, what you’re supposed to do is climb around the device from a nearby platform, and then jump across to keep moving forward. However, if you keep climbing up the platform, you’ll find the Silver Bullet Mode cheat code.

Super Gore Nest cheat code location

There is one hidden cheat code in Super Gore Nest.

Super Gore Nest // Infinite Ammo cheat code location

When you reach the battle arena where you need to insert all three gore keys, you’ll find a tunnel underneath the main platform in that area.

Its entrance is only accessible from the left side. To get in, find the climbable wall to the left of the platform, and then jump and dash through a cracked beige wall. You’ll enter a tunnel with the Infinite Ammo cheat code.

Arc Complex cheat code

There is one cheat code in Arc Complex.

Arc Complex // IDKFA cheat code location

In the area immediately after you find the Automap and near the Slayer Gate, you’ll enter another building where an enemy pops out of the floor. Look into hole in the floor to find the IDKFA cheat code.

Mars Core cheat code

There is one cheat code in Mars Core.

Meteor // Powerup Mode: Onslaught cheat code location

Once you’ve fired yourself from the Ion Catapult toward Mars, you’ll enter a facility with a handful of connected corridors.

Right after the first small encounter, follow the map above to find the Powerup Mode: Onslaught cheat code sitting at the end of a hallway.

Taras Nabad cheat code

There is one cheat code in the Taras Nabad mission.

Fallen Titan // Powerup Mode: Overdrive cheat code location

In the battle arena right below the giant demon on your map, you’ll find both this cheat code and a Secret Encounter.

To find your way into the secret passage, clear the battle arena, and then move onto the next area. At the top of the stairs is a breakable wall to your left. Bust through to find a room filled with a glittering cave. Drop into the cave, and inside you’ll find the Powerup Mode: Overdrive cheat code.

Nekravol – Part 1 cheat code

There is one cheat code in Nekravol – Part 1.

Passage of the Damned // Famine Mode cheat code location

In the battle arena in the third section of the Soul Factory, you’ll find a second pair of falling spikes on the opposite side from the room’s entrance.

After clearing the enemies in that area, you’ll see two sets of cages moving upwardnear a furnace. If you drop down the pathway on the right, you’ll find a passageway that you can get into. It contains a room with the Famine Mode cheat code.

Nekravol – Part 2 cheat code

There are two cheat codes in Nekravol – Part 2.

Soul Extraction // Party Mode cheat code location

Right after the first battle arena, you’ll make your way through a corridor, and then you must hop down a tunnel. When going down the tunnel, about halfway through, look for a ledge that you can jump onto.

Land there, turn around, and look for a breakable wall on the opposite end that you can dash through. Smash it and find the Party Mode cheat code.

Argent Transmitter // Instant Stagger Mode cheat code location

At the very end of the level before you exit the stage, head back to the entrance of the final battle arena. Drop down the shaft and turn around to find a hidden pathway. Inside you’ll find a hidden Praetor Suit Point and the Instant Stagger Mode cheat code.

Urdak cheat code

There is one cheat code in Urdak.

Perse Harmonizer // Powerup mode: Berserk cheat code location

After you align the purple ring, a previously locked door in the control room will open up.

Head outside to the area where you see the purple ammo. Above the ammo on the wall is a breakable wall. Jump and smash through that wall to find the Powerup Mode: Berserk cheat code.

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