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Doom Eternal secrets: All album locations guide Image: id Software/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon

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Doom Eternal secrets: All album locations

Find every secret album with our Doom Eternal maps

Scattered across the levels of Doom Eternal are several albums, which span the history of the Doom franchise and other related titles. Finding albums unlocks their album art throughout the Fortress of Doom, and you can play each secret album you find when you interact with the artwork in your home base.

Below we’ve created maps and detailed instructions to find every album in Doom Eternal. We’ve organized this guide by stage, detailing where to find the album in each. Several levels don’t have albums, and we’ve only included the ones that have them here.

Exultia album

There is one hidden album in Exultia.

Hell // At Doom’s Door album location

When you get to the mission’s second area, Hell, you’ll start off in a battle arena. After defeating all of the enemies, look for a large box near a giant robotic arm. Punch the box so that it flies against the wall to your right. This will reveal a secret passage.

Follow the passage down to find the secret At Doom’s Door album.

Cultist Base album

There is only one album in Cultist Base.

Cultist Base // Doom II - Into Sandy’s City album location

In the room with the giant spikes falling from the ceiling, you can see this question mark behind a gate to your immediate left after you walk in.

To access this secret, walk to the far end of the room. To your left, you’ll see giant spikes falling downward in a chamber. When they fall, you can actually jump on top of the mechanism.

Quickly dash across the top of the other spikes machines and into the room with the secret Doom II – Into Sandy’s City album.

Doom Hunter Base album

There is only one album in the Doom Hunter Base.

Cultist Base // KEEN – Shadows Don’t Scare Commander Keen!! album location

Follow the path to get the Cheat Code above to the exact spot you where you find the secret. Once on top of that structure, turn until you see a grabbable wall near the corner of the wall beside you.

Jump over and turn back toward the cylindrical structure that’s located on the outside of the base. From there, jump and air dash over and follow the pathway around, down, and then back up until you reach the top of the structure. Drop into the machine to grab the KEEN – Shadows Don’t Scare Commander Keen album.

Super Gore Nest albums

”Super Gore Nest” has two albums. One is along the critical path after you get the blue gore key. Here’s how to find the hidden album.

Super Gore Nest // Doom III - Main Theme location album location

After you get the red gore key, you’ll make your way to a battle arena with a buff totem. After that area, you’ll have to do a small jumping puzzle to continue forward through a damaged building.

In the area right before you move forward, where the hologram is next to the door, look out the window east of that door to see a floating question mark in the building across the way. You need to time your jump right to hit the swing bar on the floating demon skull and grab the Doom III - Main Theme album.

Arc Complex albums

There are two hidden albums in the Arc Complex.

Arc Complex // Quake II: Quad Machine album location

Following the directions to get to the hidden lore above, you’ll notice a shaft you can drop down in that area.

Right next to the wall that says “Do not shoot” will be a question mark hidden behind some boxes. Pick it up to grab the hidden album: Quake II: Quad Machine. Also in this room is this level’s hidden Secret Encounter.

Arc Complex // Quake III – Intro album location

After you’ve used the second cannon, you’ll make your way to a two-story parking garage to fight some enemies. On the top floor, tucked in a side area, is this mission’s second hidden Quake III – Intro album.

Mars Core albums

There are two albums in the Mars Core mission.

Meteor // Doom 64 – Intro album location

In the area right where you find Praetor Suit Point 3, along the critical path once you use the Ion Catapult, you’ll see a jump pad and several swing bars.

Instead of moving forward after hitting the first jump pad, turn around and you’ll see a question mark on a small ledge. Use the swing bars and jump over to it to get the Doom 64 – Intro album.

Meteor // Quake Champions – Goroth album location

In the area filled with several tentacles and enemies, you’ll find a control panel in the center of the facility. Hitting its button will move a glass wall next to it, revealing a platform and two breakable vents flanking the platform.

Jump on top of the platform and break the vent to the left to find the Quake Champions – Goroth album.

Taras Nabad albums

There are two albums in the Taras Nabad mission.

City Outskirts // Doom (2016) – BFG Division album location

Right after the first battle encounter in this level, you’ll come across a broken bridge that you need to jump and dash across.

Before doing so, drop off the edge, turn around, and find the ledge with this Doom (2016) - BFG Division album.

Throne Room // Quake II – Rage album location

In the large circular room with the skull chair at the end, go behind the big head to activate two jump pads on either side of the room.

Instead of using the jump pads to knock down the chandelier in the room and continue forward, first hit the jump pad and carefully double jump and air dash to destroy the wall pictured in the gallery.

Inside the small room behind the wall is the Quake II - Rage album.

Nekravol – Part 1 albums

There is one hidden album in “Nekravol - Part 1.”

Passage of the Damned // KEEN - You’ve Got to Eat Your Vegetables!! album location

In the battle arena in the third section of the Soul Factory, you’ll see a series of moving cages to the right side of the room with a glowing green skull above them. Ride the cages up and, before you reach the top, jump to the climbing wall to the right.

Jump to the adjacent ledge, drop down, and activate the green skull switch. You’ll hear a noise, but won’t see any changes. Head out of the battle arena and back to where you came from — past the area with the falling spikes coming from the ceiling.

Look for a previously gated area that’s opened up, revealing access to a Secret Encounter. Further down that corridor, the KEEN - You’ve Got to Eat Your Vegetables!! album is waiting for you.

Nekravol – Part 2 albums

There are two albums in Nekravol – Part 2.

Corpse Conveyor // Wolf 3D – Get Them Before They Get You album location

Right at the beginning of the mission, you’ll notice a green torch that leads you toward the critical path. If you jump off the opposite side of the bridge, you’ll find a jump pad below that leads you to the pillars along the left side of the bridge.

Hit the jump pad and make your way across the two pillars. When you’re on the second pillar, you’ll notice a climbable wall on the building ahead of you. Jump and air dash over and you’ll find the Wolf 3D - Get Them Before They Get You album. You’ll also find a Secret Encounter there.

Demon Foundry // Doom (2016) – Flesh and Metal album location

After the battle arena where Samuel Hayden explains what happens after souls are harvested, you’ll make your way out of that room by jumping onto a climbable wall. This will lead you down a corridor to the next section. Halfway through the hallway, you’ll find a breakable wall with the Doom (2016) - Flesh and Metal album.

Urdak albums

There are two albums in Urdak.

Guardians of Sanctuary // Quake 2: Descent into Ceberon album location

After the Icon of Sin breaks free, you’ll be dropped down to a lower area and will have to do some platforming. Right after you grab the piece of lore about the Icon of Sin, turn around.

You’ll notice a ledge that is barely lit up ahead of you. Jump up there and hidden in the dark corner of that ledge is a breakable wall. Punch through it to find the Quake 2: Descent into Ceberon album.

Abyss of Sanctuary // Doom (2016) Rip and Tear album location

This album is easiest to get when you can fast travel back to the Abyss of Sanctuary.

Upon fast traveling, immediately turn around and jump into the circular passage way behind you. Follow it out to the section with the golden swing bars. Above the first swing bar, you’ll see a floating question mark. Double jump over to grab the Doom (2016) Rip and Tear album.

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