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Doom Eternal secrets: All toy locations

Find every secret toy with our Doom Eternal maps

Throughout Doom Eternal, you can find hidden toys scattered throughout several levels. These toys are collectible versions of enemies and characters in the Doom universe. You’ll need to find them all if you want to complete each stage’s collectibles list.

Below we’ve created maps and detailed instructions to find every hidden toy in Doom Eternal. We’ve organized this guide by stage, detailing where to find the secret toys in each. Several levels don’t have toys, and we’ve only included the ones that have them here.

Table of contents

Hell on Earth toy locations

There are three toys to find in Hell on Earth.

Barge // Toy 1: Zombie (Earth) location

When you first load into the level, you’ll immediately make your way down to a lower section. You’ll notice a question mark hidden behind a wall to your right the moment you enter this new area. This is the location of the game’s first secret.

To access it, head to the far end of the room. Looking west, you’ll find a breakable wall you can hit with a melee attack.

Destroy it and follow the path down and around. When you reach the dead, turn around and double jump up and grab Toy 1: Zombie (Earth).

City // Toy 2: Doom Slayer location

Once you transition to the City section of the first mission, you’ll enter a destroyed apartment complex. To progress further, you must punch through a breakable wall. Instead of going straight forward into the level after breaking the wall, look up and left toward the zombie overhead.

Double jump to where the zombie is, and in the hallway to its right is Toy 2: Doom Slayer.

City // Toy 3: Imp location

When you get to the shopping mall section, head to the broken down truck to the left of the store called “Scott.” From there, you’ll run along the truck and jump across into the second level of a store called “Shuz.”

Once inside, you’ll see a breakable wall to the left. Destroy and jump down the elevator shaft to grab Toy 3: Imp.

Exultia toy locations

There are two hidden toys in Exultia.

Exultia // Toy 1: Arachnotron location

Right after you get your first rune early on in the first area of Exultia, there will be a battle arena you can drop down into. Before dropping down, look to your right, and you’ll see an area you can walk down.

Follow the path all the way down until you get into a seemingly empty room. To your left, punch the wall covered in darkness to find Toy 1: Arachnotron.

Exultia // Toy 2: Cacodemon location

You can find Exultia’s second toy right after you meet the Betrayer.

After you leave his lair and make your way to the top of the stairs, you’ll jump a small gap leading you into the next area. Instead of moving forward, turn around and look into the pit behind you — toward the river of lava flowing off a ledge. Jump down there. Tucked in the corner is Toy 2: Cacodemon.

Cultist Base toy locations

There are two toys to find in the Cultist Base.

Cultist Base // Toy 1: Gargoyle location

While not hidden in plain sight, grabbing this toy isn’t obvious at first. You’ll come across this secret toy sitting on top of a giant, horned skull in the first open area at the start of the mission.

To begin, jump off the giant spine and air dash to the jump pad ahead. As you float up, turn around and grab the climbable ledge behind you. Air dash to the climbable wall to your right while avoiding the electric mines. Climb to the top of the wall but do not vault up to the ledge yet.

Turn to your left so you’re facing the hanging horned skull. Jump and dash onto the skull to grab Toy 1: Gargoyle.

Cultist Base // Toy 2: Solder (Blaster) location

After you get your Super Shotgun back, you’ll fight your way through a room filled with enemies. Once done, you’ll drop down into a corridor filled with falling blades and enemies. Midway through the tunnel, turn right to see a breakable vent.

Punch it and reveal the secret Toy 2: Solder (Blaster).

Doom Hunter Base toy locations

There are two toys to find in Doom Hunter Base.

Cultist Base // Toy 1: Lost Soul location

At the end of the hall in the area where you first meet the Carcass enemy, are a few moving platforms near molten metal. In the back of the room is a platform that moves up and down that you must climb up, as well as a platform that moves up and down the hallway.

When the first platform is at its highest, jump forward and air dash toward the small, circular hole in the machinery ahead. In there you’ll find Toy 1: Lost Soul.

Cultist Base // Toy 2: Hell Knight location

Right before you face off against the Doom Hunter, you’ll pick up a codex entry about them. After that, turn around and face the passageway you just came from and look up.

Find a green switch that you can shoot. Hitting it reveals a secret passageway in the stairway you just came from. In there, you’ll find Toy 2: Hell Knight.

Super Gore Nest toy locations

There are three toys hidden across Super Gore Nest.

Super Gore Nest // Toy 1: Soldier (Shield) location

After the second battle encounter, the fleshy structure in the middle will open up, allowing you to use a swing bar to continue forward.

Land on the ledge, and turn around and find a small ledge you can hop into. There you will find Toy 1: Soldier (Shield).

Super Gore Nest // Toy 2: Revenant location

In the area after you first get the RAD suit, you’ll make your way to a long tunnel. It’s at the very bottom right near the not-so-secret Secret Encounter that’s just sitting in a small tunnel in the center of the room.

At the end of tunnel, at the bottom of this area, covered in radioactive water is Toy 2: Revenant.

Super Gore Nest // Toy 3: Mecha Zombie location

After finding the blue gore key, you’ll make your way back to the large, demonic structure in the middle of one of the battle arenas you came across earlier in the mission.

Now that you have the blue gore key, you can enter the structure in the middle, which has a launch pad. Once inside, as you float up, turn to find the floating question mark on a small ledge in one of the buildings. It contains Toy 3: Mecha Zombie.

Arc Complex toy location

There are three toys hidden across Arc Complex.

Arc Complex // Toy 1: Mancubus location

Right after dropping from the elevator at the beginning of the level, you’ll fight off several enemies. At the end of the hall, a Mancubus enemy will burst from an office. Hidden in the back of the office is Toy 1: Mancubus.

Arc Complex // Toy 2: Cueball location

In the area where you get the Automap and there’s a Slayer’s Gate, you can double jump and dash across the gap to find a Sentinel Battery and Toy 2: Cueball.

Arc Complex // Toy 3: Whiplash location

Before you fire any of the turrets, while you’re making your way up the apartment buildings, you’ll come across a small hallway hidden in the debris. Walk through the gap in the rubble to find Toy 3: Whiplash.

Mars Core toy locations

There are three Toys hidden in Mars Core.

UAC // Toy 1: Prowler location

You’ll come across the marker for this hidden toy much earlier in the level, but you won’t be able to access it until right before you complete the mission objective, “Use the Ion Catapult.”

In the area where you find the controls for the Ion Catapult, simply go down the other hallway in that area to find Toy 1: Prowler.

Meteor // Toy 2: Carcass location

This one is located right after Secret Encounter 2, listed above.

In the area after the swing bars where you drop down out of the facility and onto the floating platforms outside, don’t go forward, instead turn back around to the open door that leads you back into the facility.

From there, find the breakable vent to reveal a teleporter than brings you right in front of the Secret Encounter. Next to the encounter is a jump pad. Head on up and at the end of the main room behind a zombie is Toy 2: Carcass.

Meteor // Toy 3: Pinky location

After the section where you go through several hallways filled with enemies and tentacles, you may notice a locked door with a question mark.

To access it, continue forward once you’ve cleared the enemies by dropping down into the lower level of this facility. Once you’re down there, look to your immediate left to see a breakable vent. On the other side is a jump pad that brings you into that room where Toy 3: Pinky is.

Taras Nabad toy location

There are three hidden toys in Taras Nabad.

Atrium Plaza // Toy 1: Cyber Mancubus location

Right after the Atrium Plaza, in the area right after you swim in the radioactive water, is a large staircase. To the right of it is a statue of a soldier leaning against a wall. Punch it to break it and reveal a green switch. Hitting the green switch lights up a small pedestal in the center of the stairs.

Jump on the pedestal to open the gate in the back end of this area to get Toy 1: Cyber Mancubus.

Fallen Titan // Toy 2: Marauder location

When you get to the area with giant demon, hop over its right leg to reveal not only a Praetor Suit Point, but also a breakable wall hiding Toy 2: Marauder.

Throne Room // Toy 3: Pain Elemental location

This one is best left saved for the end of the level when you have fast travel unlocked because you may need several attempts to get the Toy.

Once you get to the end of the level and can fast travel, head to the Throne Room warp point.

Keep going forward until you get to the large vertical tunnel that you need to drop down. Look at the map in the gallery above, orient yourself so that you’re facing the proper side of the tunnel. Before you attempt finding this hidden Toy, it’s best to fall down the tunnel a few times while shooting an automatic weapon to illuminate the tunnel. The idea is to see just where the hidden question mark is, since most of the tunnel is bathed in darkness.

Once you feel like you’ve learned where it is, teleport back to the Throne Room. Then, as you drop down, dash through the gate and into the room with Toy 3: Pain Elemental.

Nekravol – Part 1 toy location

There are three toys hidden across Nekravol - Part 1.

Pain’s Basin // Toy 1: Baron of Hell location

After you clear the first battle encounter, look for a high swing bar on one side of the arena. Along wall adjacent to it is a barely noticeable climbable wall in a long, thin strip.

Use the lower swing bar to swing across the higher one, and then grab the wall. Climb up, jump away from the wall, and then air dash back to make your way into a small room. Grab the 1UP, and then drop down to the room below to grab Toy 1: Baron of Hell.

The Mill // Toy 2: Gladiator location

After you defeat Kalibas, you’ll head deeper into the Soul Factory. As you move through, you’ll reach a point where you must jump across a gap to enter a battle arena. Keep this gap in mind.

Once you’ve cleared the battle arena, you’ll have to jump off a ledge to continue moving forward. However, before you do, you look back toward where you came from and you’ll notice a passageway below the ledge you originally jumped from to get to the battle arena.

Jump and air dash down there to find a hidden tunnel. Walk past the hidden Secret Encounter there and continue moving forward until you find Toy 2: Gladiator.

Passage of the Damned // Toy 3: Doom Hunter location

In the area after Samuel Hayden explains the soul harvesting process and you need to ride a moving cage upward to get further into the Soul Factory, you’ll come across an area where giant spikes fall from the ceiling.

On the wall to the right of the first spike is a barely noticeable breakable wall. Punch through to find a Mastery Token and Toy 3: Doom Hunter.

Nekravol – Part 2 toy locations

There are three toys in Nekravol - Part 2.

Soul Extraction // Toy 1: Dread Knight location

After the first battle arena, follow the critical path to the corridor on your left. Smash the breakable wall there to find a Secret Encounter and Toy 1: Dread Knight.

Demon Foundry // Toy 2: Tyrant location

After the second battle arena, you’ll make your way to an area with flaming, spinning pillars. Right as you enter that room, walk off the edge of the platform you start on, turn around, and dash to the location of Toy 2: Tyrant

Soul Ascent // Toy 3: Archvile location

Near the end of the level, you’ll enter a chamber where a giant jump pad will shoot you up. Partway through the tunnel is a wall you can air dash through. Do that to find Toy 3: Archvile.

Urdak toy locations

There are three toys in Urdak.

Abyss of Sanctuary // Toy 1: Khan Maykr location

When you get to the area where Hayden introduces you to the rings you need to align, head to the right and find the light near the tree pictured above. Jump off the platform and turn around to find a ledge below with Toy 1: Khan Maykr.

Dimensional Lacerator // Toy 2: Maykr Drone location

In the area you fly off to after aligning the first ring, head to the back of the area that opens up after the battle arena. Find the small platform in the gallery above and double jump up to the platform where you’ll find Toy 2: Maykr Drone.

Vivisection Edifacator // Toy 3: Spectre location

After activating the last ring, you’ll make your way outside the final control room to enter the portal you’ve open. Once you’re outside that building, before launching to the portal, turn around and you’ll see a question mark floating on a platform. Double jump over to grab Toy 3: Spectre.