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Doom Eternal Slayer Gate Image: id Software/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon

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Doom Eternal secrets: All Empyrean Key locations

Where to find all the Slayer Gates and Slayer Keys to get Empyrean Keys

To unlock Doom Eternal’s powerful Unmaykr weapon, you need to find six Empyrean Keys. To get your hands on them, you need to find Slayer Gates and their associated Slayer Keys on several levels throughout the game. These gates and keys are hidden on Exultia, the Cultist Base, the Super Gore Nest, the Arc Complex, the Mars Core, and Taras Nabad.

Our guide below will show you the map locations of each Slayer Gate and Slayer Key. Once you’ve completed the Slayer Challenge behind each gate, you’ll get an Empyrean key which will let you access the Unmaykr in the Fortress of Doom.

Exultia – Hell

While the location of the Slayer Gate is obvious, getting the key to open it is easy to miss.

Enter the cave to the left of the Slayer Gate. Once inside, you’ll notice one of the yellow orbs that replenishes your dashes. Dispatch of all the demons in that room, and make your way to the very top and back end of the cave until you’re standing on the ledge overlooking the room that will bring you eye level with the orb.

Dash all the way across with the help of the yellow power-up until you’re on the other side. Then make your way out of the cave, and you’ll find the Slayer Key on a platform below.

Grab the key and make your way past the Slayer Gate. Defeat the challenging battle arena to get the Empyrean Key.

Cultist Base – Promenade of Culling

There is a hidden area in the section where you need to punch the giant demon in the chest to move forward. Typically, you would use the walls behind it to climb up and over, but if you look down behind it, you’ll see you can also go under it.

Jump down behind the demon to find a second set of climbing walls below it. Grab onto a wall and turn around to see a swing bar below the demon. Follow the swing bar down and around. If you’re having difficulty making it all the way across, in the section where you need to hit the dash crystal, jump off the climbing wall, air dash, jump again, and then air dash into the crystal — so that you can then double dash to the far wall.

Once you reach the final wall, climb up, swing on the yellow bar, and jump up to a hidden section containing the Slayer Key.

Super Gore Nest

After you get the blue gore key, you’ll make your way back around to one of the first battle arenas — the area with the giant, fleshy structure in the middle. Use the jump pad inside of it to fly up and grab the wall adjacent to it.

Go through the door you can now open with the key and down a hallway with a Spectre enemy. Keep going until you have to go through a lower area. There you’ll find a Sentinel Battery and the Slayer Key overlooking the battle arena where the Slayer Gate is.

Arc Complex – Vargo Convention Center

In the back area of this battle arena near the Automap station, you’ll notice a Slayer Gate. Adjacent to it, in an area above you, you may notice a purple glow. That’s where the Slayer Key is.

To get it, simply jump to the climbable wall opposite of the glowing room, turn around, and jump into the room to grab the Slayer Key.

Mars Core – Meteor

In the halls filled with tentacles and enemies, look for the control panel in the center of the area. Activating it will push a wall back around the corner, revealing a platform and two breakable vents. The one to the right will lead you to the Slayer Key.

Taras Nabad – Fallen Titan

Image: id Software/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon

In the area before the Fallen Titan, when you are in the sewers, you’ll make your way through some radioactive water to get out of the tunnels and enter a battle arena.

Before entering the battle arena, make a left turn in the tunnels to find a Slayer Key waiting for you right next to a gate.