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Image: id Software/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon

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Doom Eternal: All hidden Secret Encounter locations

Find every Secret Encounter with our Doom Eternal maps

Doom Eternal already does a great job at throwing dozens of intense combat encounters your way while you tear through the game. However in each level, there are also Secret Encounters that offer a small, intense fights for those who seek them out.

If you’re looking for a challenge, you’ll want to find every one of these Secret Encounters. Follow our maps below to find the location of each hidden Doom Eternal Secret Encounter. Several levels either don’t have Secret Encounters or put them along the critical path, so we’ve only included the hidden ones. We’ve also broken down their location per stage with convenient maps and directions to easily find them.

Exultia Secret Encounter location

Exultia has one Secret Encounter.

After you receive your dash ability, head back to the area in Exultia with the giant statues and swing bars that are now accessible with your dash. Stand at the highest point on the platform and double jump and dash toward the first swing bar. After you swing, double jump again to the tower.

Inside, you’ll find a Secret Encounter orb. Activate it, and make easy work of the enemies who appear around the tower to gain a weapon point.

Cultist Base Secret Encounter location

There are two Secret Encounters in the Cultist Base. The first one is in plain sight within a room along the critical path, but the second one is hidden.

You’ll find the hidden Secret Encounter in the area right after you need to jump and climb up the multiple towers. The next place you’ll go is through a corridor with spikes that crush you on either side. Before moving through there, look to your right to see a room with two land mines and a body shield.

Behind a breakable wall in that room, you’ll find the hidden Secret Encounter.

Mars Core Secret Encounter locations

There are two Secret Encounters hidden in the Mars Core mission.

UAC // Secret Encounter 1 location

The one can be found right next to Praetor Suit Point 02, detailed above, in the battle arena with the buff totem.

After defeating the enemies there, head down along the critical path into the structure. As you move on, instead of going further into the building, look to your left to see the breakable wall. Destroying it will reveal a lower area you can drop down into where the Secret Encounter is and the Praetor Suit Point.

Meteor // Secret Encounter 2 location

In the area after the swing bars where you drop down out of the facility and onto the floating platforms outside, instead of moving forward, turn back around to the open door that leads you back into the facility.

From there, find the breakable vent pictured above to reveal a teleporter than brings you right in front of the Secret Encounter.