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Doom Eternal secrets : All Sentinel Battery locations

Find every Sentinel Battery with our Doom Eternal maps

If you want to unlock all the secrets Doom Eternal’s Fortress of Doom, you’ll need plenty of Sentinel Batteries.

Thankfully, a handful of these massive power sources are easy to find in most levels. However, several of them are hidden off the beaten path. To make sure you grab every last one, follow our maps below to find the location of each of the hidden Sentinel Battery throughout Doom Eternal.

Several levels don’t have Sentinel Batteries, and we’ve only included the ones that have them here. We’ve also broken down their location per stage with convenient maps and directions to easily find them.

Cultist Base Sentinel Battery locations

There are three Sentinel Batteries to find in the “Cultist Base.” One is along the critical path, while two are hidden.

Cultist Base // Sentinel Battery 1 location

Before you even infiltrate the base, you’ll likely see this Sentinel Battery on a ledge above a doorway past the first battle encounter.

To access it, find the ledge in the gallery above by double jumping to it. Break through the vent and punch the green level in the room. This will lower a gate below the bridge that will give you access to a jump pad. Hit the jump pad, which will boost you up, then air dash toward the Sentinel Battery.

Cultist Base // Sentinel Battery 2 location

After you’re introduced to the area where you need to get your Super Shotgun back, keep heading up the tower with the moving platforms.

Once you’re at the very top, instead of pushing forward, turn around to the area where there are several demons hanging from the ceiling and two boxes with yellow markings on top.

You’ll see a Sentinel Battery hidden behind a gate. There are two moving platforms here, but only one of them will allow you to enter it. Do that, and it’ll reveal a hidden passage leading into the chamber with the Sentinel Battery.

Doom Hunter Base Sentinel Battery location

There are two Sentinel Batteries to find in the Doom Hunter Base. While one of them is along the critical path, one of them is hidden.

Doom Hunter Base // Hidden Sentinel Battery location

After the first battle encounter, you’ll find a Sentinel Battery hidden behind a gate in the back end of the room, on the lowest level.

To access that room, find a breakable vent in the platform nearby. Breaking through reveals a hidden chamber. Walk around and jump up to grab the Sentinel Battery.

Super Gore Nest Sentinel Battery location

Super Gore Nest has three Sentinel Batteries, but only one of them outside of the critical path. Here’s how the find the hidden Sentinel Battery.

Super Gore Nest // Sentinel Battery location

After getting the RAD suit for the first time, follow the critical path toward the fire hazards through the radioactive tunnels. Keep going past the rotating machinery further into the tunnel and around the corner to find the Sentinel Battery that is hidden behind a gate.

Arc Complex Sentinel Battery location

The Arc Complex has only one hidden Sentinel Battery.

Arc Complex // Sentinel Battery location

In the area where you get the Automap and there’s a Slayer’s Gate, you can double jump and dash across the gap to find a Sentinel Battery.

Mars Core Sentinel Battery locations

There are three Sentinel Batteries in the “Mars Core” mission. The third one is in the game’s final section, right in plain sight. Here’s how to find the two hidden Sentinel Batteries.

Phobos // Hidden Sentinel Battery 1 location

After your fight on the bridge of the BFG-10000, a maintenance hatch will open. Drop down, but instead of following the critical path forward, turn around and jump over the platforms in the opposite direction to find this Sentinel Battery.

Meteor // Hidden Sentinel Battery 2 location

In the section where you are jumping across multiple platforms to move forward, you’ll eventually make your way to a building at the very end.

Instead of entering the building, turn around and jump back toward the last structure you were at to find this Sentinel Battery on top.

Taras Nabad Sentinel Battery locations

There are three Sentinel Batteries in the “Taras Nabad” mission. One of them is in plain sight, but the other two are hidden.

City Outskirts // Sentinel Battery 1 location

At the beginning of the level where you find the first lore piece, drop off the side of the platform to find a breakable wall. Punch through it to find the Sentinel Battery at the end of the tunnel.

Atrium Plaza // Sentinel Battery 2 location

At the far end of the plaza are two statues of soldiers kneeling against a wall. The one on the right is breakable. Punch it to reveal a green switch.

Pressing the switch opens the gate down that corridor where a giant weight is hanging. Climb the wall behind the weight, jump off it, and smash the chain to drop the weight revealing access to the chamber below with the Sentinel Battery.

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