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Dying Light 2 guide: Meet the people of the Bazaar walkthrough

How to complete “The Only Way Out” Story Quest

Dying Light 2 guide: Meet the people of the Bazaar Image: Techland via Polygon
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How do you meet the people of the Bazaar? Dying Light 2’s “The Only Way Out” Story Quest is early in the game. It includes an objective to “Meet the people of the Bazaar” that is oddly confusing.

In this Dying Light 2 “Meet the people of the Bazaar” guide, we’ll explain what you have to do to complete (or even progress) this Story Quest objective.

Dying Light 2 The Only Way Out walkthrough

After you and Hakon make your way through the hospital during the “Markers of Plague” Story Quest, it’ll be time to head to the Bazaar in Trinity with “The Only Way Out” Story Quest.

Your first objective will be to “Spend time at the Bazaar while waiting to hear from Hakon.” Once inside the Bazaar, you’ll pick up the Herzlich Wilkommen achievement or trophy and get your next objective — the confusing one.

Meet the people of the Bazaar

Inside the Bazaar, there’s a Vendor and a Craftmaster. There are also a handful of people to talk to — they’ll show up green when you ping them with Survivor Sense. You’ll eventually run out of people to talk to, but the objective won't go away.

To continue, you actually have to take on — and complete — a Side Quest.

Dying Light 2 guide: Meet the people of the Bazaar
Speak to Julian to start the “Cheers!” Side Quest.
Image: Techland via Polygon

Head to the right of the Craftmaster’s stall, and look for Julian. He’ll give you the “Cheers!” Side Quest. Go find Marco and Hans, and complete the Side Quest. Once Marco is dealt with, head back to the Bazaar, and talk to Julian again.

Right after you’re done, Hakon will call you on the radio and complete the objective, allowing you to move on.

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