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Killzone: Shadow Fall's new Intercept DLC is ready for the fight ahead

As online multiplayer numbers dwindle for Guerrilla Games' PlayStation 4 shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall, the company is seeking to revive traffic with the release of DLC Intercept on June 25.

The online co-op mode pack was playable at Sony's E3 booth this week, featuring four maps, out of a proposed total of ten. It's free to Season Pass holders, and $9.99 to anyone who owns Shadow Fall. A standalone version is planned for August costing $19.99.

Players work together to stop waves of enemy Helghast storming defensive areas. Each player takes on one class (sniper, medic, shooter and tactician) and each has a job to do. Co-operation is key. The tactician, for example, can lay down tower defense units.

There is a risk / reward element as players can "bank" points they accrue to add to the team's total, as they seek to win the game. A player holding unbanked points can gain valuable multiplayers. But death spells the end of all those points

In the map I played with demo handlers and an old pal from IGN, we guarded a ruined building, and sought to take and hold three surrounding beacons, from the well-organized AI Helghast. It was not an easy romp.

Players of the single-player campaign can look forward to meeting certain specific Helghast from that game's story, such as the soldier Echo. A spokesperson for Sony said the pack would help revive Shadow Fall's online fortunes, now that it has increased competition from big brand third party shooting games.

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