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Why Riot Games isn't showing at E3 and doesn't need to

League of Legends developer Riot Games doesn't have a booth at this year's E3 conference, and that's despite both having an office in the E3 hub of California and seeing enough phenomenal success this year to afford one.

Also strange is that while the game studio announced the release of a rebooted Summoner's Rift map just before the major gaming event, this isn't being shown off to press this week.

Riot representatives tell Polygon that the game's market, which as of earlier this year is made up of over 27 million daily users, simply don't correspond to the demographic that visits E3. The studio had a small cubicle during E3 2012 but didn't make it out to this year's event.

The company is likely to make it out to Gamescom this year, however, which hosts annual League of Legends tournaments as of 2011.

According to the company representative, there is no incentive to show at E3 as the studio is not offering a boxed product to eventually sell, and particularly as E3 is a forward-looking event for games that will eventually hit the market.

League of Legends launched in 2009 and maintains a fanbase beyond North America in South Korea, Europe and China.