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League of Legends' rebooted map will run faster and smoother on low-end computers

The upcoming Summoner's Rift map reboot for League of Legends will make the game run faster and smoother on PC, a company representative confirmed to Polygon.

The new map features 1/8 the number of polygons found in the current map, which will directly affect how the game will run. Polygon was told the map was hand drawn and made with a strict limit to its poly count, with lower-end PCs likely set to see the biggest improvement in play quality.

The update, which was announced earlier in the month, is part of Riot's goal to improve the game while still preserving the spirit of Summoner's Rift. The "fundamental structure" of the map, however, will remain untouched.

Riot tells us the map update is likely to rear its head in the next few months. Be sure to check out our interview with a number of League of Legends casters about the upcoming changes.