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The three secret ingredients that make an amazing E3 meeting

There's a lot of talk about the large, bloated nature of E3, and it is both of those things. On the other hand, you can find some great stuff and have a wonderful time if you look for three things. The good news for developers is that they're relatively easy to add to your booth experience.

Forget the expensive statues and the giant displays, get rid of the long waits to get that perfect photo-opportunity with a plastic version of a character from the game or, even worse, someone dressed up in cosplay for that character, and just focus on providing the press with an interesting game, enough time to get a good sense for what the game wants to do and whether or not it's on its way to fulfilling that goal, and then give us time with a developer or someone who is intimately familiar with the development of the game.

The rest of the distractions have use when it comes to fansites, retail buyers and people who are just taken in by the peripheral madness of the show, but all we need is an interesting game, time to play that game, and someone to talk to. It's not much, but you'd be surprised how many developers mess these ideas up.

Also, don't wear your Google Glass in the press room. C'mon.

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