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Razer aims to develop tech that will appeal to women, not condescend to them

Gaming hardware behemoth Razer aims to design new tech that appeals to women without condescending to them with pink-colored re-designs, company CEO Min-Liang Tan told Polygon.

"The stereotype of gamers being guys in the basements has long been dispelled," Tan told us. "We believe in being inclusive. But we don't want to condescend to women with PR marketing ploys. Often we get asked 'why don't you make female oriented hardware,' but I think just taking something and turning it pink is horrible, horrible.

"What I do like is choice. And when we go to ergonomics during the design process we take women into consideration and that's something I've been very vocal about. But painting it pink is condescending."

Earlier this week, Razer announced the release of the new Razer Neon Kraken series of headsets and headphones, which are currently available in six fluorescent colors including the classic green and black headset, as well as neon blue, red, yellow, pink, and orange. Tan acknowledged that some of these headset colors will appeal particularly to women but said they were not designed explicitly for women alone.

The new neon series is a special edition of the best-selling Kraken gaming headsets and includes drivers that offer deep bass tones to complement acutely tuned mids and highs in gaming and music. A Pro version of the neon series will also feature a retractable microphone built into the headset to connect to voice-enabled devices.

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