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Why Asphalt Overdrive is a spin-off title, not the next entry in the main series

Mobile driving game Asphalt Overdrive is "definitely not" the next entry in the main series — Asphalt 9 — but is instead intended as a spin-off title, Gameloft product PR manager Thomas Price told Polygon during a recent interview.

Unlike previous Asphalt games, the '80s-themed title is an endless runner-styled racer, with players dodging left and right in the car of their choice. According to Price, the title doesn't signal "where the series is going," but is intended to catch a new audience with gameplay that's a little easier than usual.

"We wanted to do a game that was a little more casual that would spread the Asphalt brand out a little farther," Price said. "I think that some people would be a little intimidated. It's a racing game, it takes more skill, it's a little more hardcore. We wanted to take that brand and make it more accessible to people."

Price added that even as a spin-off, Overdrive still has all the core elements the series is about: cool cars, speed and crazy stunts.

The last entry in the franchise, Asphalt 8: Airborne was released in 2013. Asphalt Overdrive is a freemium title being released for Android, iOS and Windows phones later this year.

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