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Dawngate is a story-driven MOBA with a "massive" story-arc

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A new video from Electronic Arts' upcoming multiplayer online battle arena game Dawngate confirms the title will feature a "massive" story arc in order to give characters a purpose for fighting.

The game is in development from studio Waystone Game, which EA states is made up of "hardcore MOBA players." The video also includes a glimpse at some of the character types you can expect to find, as well as reference to a section of the world dedicated to "bookish nerds."

Dawngate's gameplay features two teams of five Shapers, two lanes and a jungle expanse. It also introduces economy-based objectives, such as Spirit Wells to "create a new strategic landscape." Players can earn loot drops from their allies and foes in the form of Blessings, which are awarded for teamwork and sportsmanship.