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Shenmue 3 takes to Kickstarter with a $2 million goal

In a strange appearance for an E3 stage reveal, Yu Suzuki — creator of many Sega classics, including Shenmue — revealed a Kickstarter for Shenmue 3. The game isn't being funded by Sony ... in fact, it's being funded by fans on its Kickstarter page, so it's not clear exactly why this was a stage presence.

Shenmue was hugely anticipated and was first released for Sega's doomed Dreamcast console in 1999. A sequel was released for both Dreamcast and Xbox two years later, but left the series unfinished. A conclusion to the series has been widely anticipated since then.

The $29 Kickstarter tier rewards backers with a copy on either PC or PlayStation 4. No other console platforms are mentioned, and the game's stretch goals — which extend all the way up to $4 million — don't include any other platforms.  The project has already exceeded $100,000 in just the first minutes of its month-long campaign, though its total has jumped around erratically for various Polygon staff, presumably owing to the page's popularity.

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