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FIFA 17 reveals its first-ever story mode, The Journey

Play as a phenom in the Premier League

FIFA 17 will introduce a narrative mode for the first time, according to this trailer just put out by EA Sports. Called "The Journey," it will trace the rise, the conflicts and the triumphs of a fictitious player in the Premier League.

"The Journey" is the FIFA franchise's answer to the NBA 2K series' narrative installments, which has seen two different story modes over its past two editions. In both, user-controlled action is broken up by longer dramatic cutscenes and some role-play choices.

The trailer's YouTube description says real-life managers and superstar players will play themselves in the story surrounding Alex Hunter, who may play for any of the clubs in the Premier League.

EA Sports' last stab at a sports narrative was in "Champion Mode" of 2011's Fight Night Champion, which presented to story of a fictitious boxer with familiar boxing-movie themes.

Watch: FIFA 17 Trailer

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