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Microsoft confirms Project Scorpio, coming holiday 2017

This hardware generation just got weird

Microsoft has confirmed the existence of an upgraded Xbox One at its press conference today, ending weeks of speculation. "The next step change for gamers and developers must deliver true 4K gaming and high-fidelity VR," Microsoft Phil Spencer said during the press conference.

The console will deliver 6 teraflops of computing capability, and true 4K resolution. Microsoft is saying it's the most powerful GPU put into a console to date, and it's coming in holiday 2017.

All games will be playable on Windows 10, Xbox One, and Project Scorpio so "no one gets left behind." The console will deliver 8 CPU cores and 320+ GB/s memory bandwidth."

"Power is a primary concern for Microsoft with Scorpio," our initial report stated. "The PS4 has remained a constant leader over the Xbox One in this respect, with games on the platform usually running at higher resolution and a higher framerate on the PS4 than their Xbox One counterparts. Microsoft is determined to end this narrative."

Sony's own upgraded PlayStation 4 was announced before the show, although Sony stated it won't be shown at E3.

The new XBOX One S

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