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Dead Rising 4 announced for Xbox One and PC, watch the trailer here

Coming Holiday 2016

Dead Rising 4 is heading to Xbox One and PC this holiday, as was revealed with a new "Jingle Bell Rock"-themed trailer today during the Xbox E3 press conference.

The existence of Dead Rising 4 has been rumored for some time, and multiple batches of images have leaked over the past week or so. In the trailer above, Frank West checks his phone, sends out a goofy tweet and launches into zombie killing mayhem.

The game takes place 16 years after the first Dead Rising and sees Frank West back in Willamette, Colorado. Frank will face off against new zombie enemies, including "the Fresh," a term for newly infected zombies that "will turn in front of his eyes and exhibit superior speed and ferocity," and "the Evo," who have "superior strength and mobility that mimic the behavior of predatory hunting animals."

Dead Rising 4 will allow players to complete missions with up to four friends and include the ability to combine weapons and vehicles. Player will also get access to EXO suits, which Frank can wear for super strength and extra firepower.

Capcom kicked off the Dead Rising franchise in 2006 with the Xbox 360 exclusive Dead Rising, and followed it up in 2010 with the multiplatform sequel Dead Rising 2, developed by Blue Castle Games. The studio was later rebranded to Capcom Vancouver for Dead Rising 3, which was an Xbox One launch title in 2013 and launched on Windows PC in 2014.

The game was announced for Xbox One and PC, but was not specified as an exclusive.