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Xbox Play Anywhere will let you buy and play Gears 4 on Xbox One or PC (update)

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Cross-platform play and more

Microsoft's Xbox Play Anywhere initiative will allow customers to buy games such as Gears of War 4 once, and own and play them on both Xbox One and Windows 10, the company announced today during its E3 2016 press briefing.

A single purchase will net buyers a copy on both platforms, and whether they play on Xbox One or PC, the game will track their progress and achievements. In addition, Xbox Play Anywhere will offer cross-platform multiplayer gaming across Windows 10 and PC.

Gears 4 will support cross-play in its campaign and Horde modes; executive producer Rod Fergusson did not specify whether the competitive multiplayer component would offer cross-play.

Update: Studio Wildcard's Ark: Survival Evolved will also be part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program. This fall, players who own the game on Xbox One will receive the Windows 10 version for free.