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Minecraft gets cross-platform play later this year (correction)

Try Minecraft Realms for free now

Minecraft is getting an update allowing Xbox players to play with mobile and Windows users, Microsoft announced during its E3 press conference today. Minecraft Realms will launch later this year on console, although players on Xbox One can try it now for free. It's currently available as well as Windows 10 and mobile.

Called "The Friendly Update," it will bring dedicated servers across the platforms. Windows 10, Android and iOS users can currently play together, with Xbox One support due in the next year. More will be revealed at this fall's Minecon event, including information about add-ons. Minecraft will receive add-on content later this year for the first time.

The developers at Mojang demoed the new content on stage, showing off various add-ons while playing across different devices. One of those was the Gear VR, played by legendary designer John Carmack.

Mojang previously announced Minecraft Realms for Windows 10 and Pocket Edition earlier this year.

Correction: Realms and cross-platform play is currently available on mobile and Windows. It will come to Xbox One for the first time in the next year. We've corrected the post to reflect this.

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