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Tyranny: the first look at gameplay from Obsidian's next RPG

Yep, this looks like classic Obsidian

Announced earlier this year, Tyranny is the latest collaboration between developer Obsidian Entertainment and publisher Paradox Interactive. During the PC Gaming Show at E3 2016, the first gameplay trailer for the new title was revealed.

The trailer above gives some early hints at the story of Tyranny, which, in true Obsidian fashion, will allow players to make drastic choices that shape the direction of the plot. The gameplay itself appears to be classic Obsidian style — a top-down view role-playing game with strategic combat, flashy spells and lots of action.

The trailer ends with the tagline "Sometimes, evil wins."

Watch it for yourself above and stay tuned for more coverage of Tyranny and other titles at E3 2016 on Polygon throughout the week.

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