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Detroit: Become Human channels Blade Runner in new trailer

Live out your dreams of being an android detective

Sony first revealed Detroit: Become Human, the new game from developer Quantic Dream, late last year. Now we have much more information on what the game will be.

In a new trailer showcased at the PlayStation E3 2016 press conference, the game showed that you will play as an android named Connor who investigates and hunts down other androids. In what's become a staple for Quantic Dream, players will make dozens of choices throughout the game that will determine how situations play out.

According to David Cage, the scene in this trailer is the very first scene in the game. Connor is one of several playable characters throughout Detroit. You can find more information about the characters and the game in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

You can check out the trailer for yourself above. Stay tuned for more coverage of Detroit: Become Human and many more games from E3 2016 throughout the rest of the week.

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