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Of course Kojima wore a Death Stranding shirt this afternoon

Are you not entertained?

Hideo Kojima appeared on Geoff Keighley's YouTube Gaming stream this afternoon to ... well, just to say hi really. Here ... here's our story, where he talks about looking for the right engine, and hiring, and the refrigerators at his competition and how the quality of those refrigerators may impact the quality of life of the employees at those competitors and how Kojima Productions might learn some tricks, like which brand refrigerator would give Kojima Productions the edge.

But of course he teased Death Stranding.

Do you see it? Look closely.

Hideo Kojima DS shirt

Now do you see it?

Hideo Kojima DS shirt

Because he's Kojima and he loves nothing more than the long tease. Don't ever change, Hideo Kojima.

Kojima laughing

What a boss.

Kojima boss strut

Kojima's New Game, Death Stranding

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