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Watch 10 minutes of a Ghost Recon: Wildlands co-op mission

Open world demands co-operation and smart teamplay

Take a look at this 10-minute gameplay section from Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Ubisoft recently invited members of the games media to play a mission of the squad-based shooter, due out in March. Set in Bolivia, it tasks groups of up to four players — with AI team members filling in when necessary — to take out drug cartel enemies, often camped out in heavily fortified camps.

During this demo, you can get a sense of the locations as seen from a helicopter, as well as via a map screen, late in the video. Ubisoft says this is its biggest open world to date.

The mission comprises scouting out enemy camps using drones, long range sniper fire and vehicle chases. It's clear that that Wildlands is based on team co-operation. During the crux of this mission, our team split up, with one providing cover as the other stormed the camp.

Wildlands' missions are open-ended and allow for players to progress alone or with friends, without the story diverging. You can find out more about Ghost Recon: Wildlands from Polygon's feature, published today.

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