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Watch PlayStation's E3 press conference in five minutes

Yeah, he's back.

Sony dazzled last night with almost an hour and a half straight of gameplay demos and trailers. There were only three speakers, and one of them was Hideo Kojima himself, announcing his new game.

Death Stranding will star Norman Reedus as the main character, and it looks wacky as hell. The best moments of that trailer are highlighted in this super cut. Sony also showed long gameplay demos of Horizon: Zero Dawn and upcoming zombie biker game Days Gone.

A portion of the conference was devoted to Sony's upcoming titles for PlayStation VR. Shawn Layden announced that there will be over 50 titles available for PlayStation VR this year. The headset will go on sale on October 13, and will cost $399.

Some of those PlayStation VR titles were showcased in the press conference. One is the Star Wars: Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission, which was teased during EA's press conference on Sunday.

Check out the rest of Sony's offerings in our supercut.

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